One for the ladies - W6R1 abandonment due to kit issues!

I went straight out after a quick change from Yoga last night but to my dismay, had forgotten my second sports bra (2x medium impact ones I had pre c25k do the trick just fine). I thought I might get away with just the one but I really couldn't! I had to abandon about 1.30 into the first run when I realised subtly holding my chest with my arms does not equal a practical running technique. A lesson to us all though on how important a good bra is! I've since bought the shock absorber runner's bra which is the most impressively engineered garment I've ever seen! Now looking forward to smashing W6R1 tomorrow in the sunshiny (hopefully) park. It'll also be my first time running with a companion which will be interesting regarding pace and I'll try my absolute hardest not to get sucked in competitiveness wise which might be an issue. I'll let you know!


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  • Oof. Better luck next time. I too have a Shock Absorber which does the trick, although did the first week in normal bra and found it okay, and I do not have small bazooms. Good luck for tomorrow. Don't go too fast!

  • Thank you. I was a bit disappointed but I thought I had better strike that one off and do one where I'm not distracted or preoccupied. It might also give my legs a chance for a bit more recovery :D

  • Hahahaha oh that made me chuckle :) 

    Sadly I have no worries in that department, my kids saw to that ;0


  • Ha, I didn't know how far to embellish - fine line between comedy and TMI!

  • Haha very true x

  • Lol. Sometimes I think my tummy could do with some support, one of the perils of being a little on the rounder side!

  • Now that I am with you on!!! x

  • For me the big firm support knickers are at least as important as the sports bra as the tummy wobble is more uncomfortable. Not sure that M&S do them for men though!

  • Your post gave me a chuckle. Great image of your running technique!  I was interested you now have a shock absorber running bra, they seem to have great reviews although appear hard to get in and out of with the double catch. I don't have one -  just a front fastening sports bra from m &s  which is fine now but I am only on week 3 so not running for long .. Yet.  

  • I tend to keep the top clasp fastened and pull the bra over my head like a t-shirt, then fasten the bottom one as normal. Highly recommend the shock absorber bras although I am of the "more than a handful's a waste" persuasion.

  • I've never tried wearing two bras. I hope my sports bras are enough on their own, otherwise what is the point in them? Have heard good things about the shock absorber. 

  • I only wore two because they are what I already had from previous fitness phases...They seemed to do the job OK. So much so that I noticed a massive difference with only one! I've been putting off spending the money on a proper one (with gazungas like mine, bras that work don't come cheap) - on top of new shoes and a couple of pairs of leggings, this running malarky is getting a bit pricey! I'm fully set up now though :D 

  • I suppose they might be tricky for people used to clasping a standard bra at the front then swizzling it round. I've always been a behind the back fastener. It's pretty tight but I want it to be because it'll loosen with use. It's much easier than the one I currently have which is hard to get over your head. It's definitely the most supportive I've ever tried on without too much compression in a 'batten down the hatches' kind of way!

  • 2 bras!! Now that's impressive. Am heading off to the big city next week to get a Shock Absober myself after finally giving up on my (very) old faithful M&S model- they just don't seem to sell my freaky size round here.

  • Haha, one was more of a crop toppy thing but it helped! Have a look on ebay/amazon, they have lots of good prices. Order lots of sizes - the chest measurement comes up pretty small on shock absorbers so you might have to go a size up there.

  • Blimey!! Go up a size?  The old man would have heart failure 😉

  • I've been converted to a shock absorber and love it, no more cross arm running when approaching strangers and no more black eyes either!

  • Ha ha - essential piece of kit! Shock Absorber is supposed to be really good.

  • Ouch!!! I wouldn't buy anything but a shock absorber. Fab inventions...... once fastened!!! Xx

  • I have to have easy to get on bras - when I started I didn't have the oomph to get changed to run, it would have been straight back to bed rather than out for a run, and still very prone to sickening spasms if I move my arms in particular ways.

    I do have quite a collection - I think about 7 on the go (on a run day I put running underpinnings on first thing). All M&S (have occasionally bought others but they either don't last or don't fit) I do like my zip up the front ones, very Bond girl somehow.

  • I can vouch for Shock Absorbers - I'm pretty top heavy and they're fantastic (...the bras that is, I'm not bragging!) 

  • Lol!

  • Hannah, I've just posted about sports bras, so your post popped up as related.

    As you're also a fan of the Shock Absorber Ultra Running Bra, you should pop to Debenhams and treat yourself to another one this weekend - £10 off!!

    I just got a new one for £28, against normal price of £40. Well chuffed! 🎉🎉

  • And payday weekend too - what a treat! Thank you :D

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