All coming together at last

Hi everyone :D Thanks for all the suggestions after my last post about struggling with my runs now I'm a graduate. I had thought it was my speed that was an issue but it wasn't until Jan-now-runs mentioned the importance of starting real slow to get the oxygen into the muscles that something clicked. After that comment I started practising my start when I was out walking the dogs, despite their sideways glances wondering what 'Mummy' was up to!! Then moved it onto my actual runs. As a result I've managed 6 great runs, legs fine, breathing fine and on Wednesday I ran a full 35 minutes, the most I've managed so far.

I also had a go at the Stepping Stone podcast as it was also recommended by several people. I did find it a bit hard going but managed to complete it, although I did change my route a little so I didn't have to negotiate the hill during the 160bpm section. Not so much a cheat as a tactical plan ;) Think I will be using this once a week for a little while.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks once more to all you wonderful people. I couldn't have got to where I am without your input x Have a great weekend all

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  • Sounds like you're dong great. That's wonderful to hear. Well done!

  • Thank you :D getting there x

  • Ahh, glad to hear that things are going well - brilliant :) Starting off nice and slow is really important, I find it helps me get into a rhythm. I really love the C25k+ podcasts and use them regularly, especially 'speed' (although I am definitely not speedy!).

  • I've down loaded the speed one but haven't tried it yet, might give it an airing later in the week. I've started the Strength and Flex podcasts now too. I'm finding them all really helpful x

  • I love your tactical plan! I used a similar one to avoid the steep hairpin bend on my profile pic when I did the C25K plan... I used to run up to it then turn round then run back again and hope to get to it for the walking interval!

    It's now my profile pic as my "trophy" for the fact that I can now run up it!

    I don't know about you, but as I live on a hill (or rather, half way up a mountain, but at the top of any suitable running routes) it's always tricky working out a route that doesn't finish with "up".

    Well done on your run, it sounds like this was a significant step forward for you :)

  • Me too.. not a mountain, but home is halfway up the hill... there is no way to reach it except by..up! x

  • There are lots of hills and inclines round here. I've got it worked out now for the first big one so that ends up just before the warm up ends, so that is just a walk. The second one I have to do about half way through the run, and must admit it seems to be getting better.. I wouldn't say easier but definitely better. If I can get to the top of that without stopping then I know I can finish the rest of the run.

    Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to tackle it during a 'Stepping stone' run!

  • Very well done you! Love it when a plan comes together.

    You just have to love those hills don't you?

  • As they say 'Cannt live with 'em, cannt live without 'em' ;)

    It would be boring if there wasn't a challenge or 2 enroute x Hope all is good with you Oldfloss x

  • It is thanks! Managed a fairly nifty 4K this morning... a bit short on time.. so did it in 26 mins! Mind, some of it was downhill! :)

  • Very nice, well done that's a great time. I love the downhill bits ;)

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