Couch to 5K

W6R3 - Much nicer in the rain and with the tip I'd received for ladies!

Wasn't planning on doing this run until tomorrow but woke up feeling quite perky and decided to try it this afternoon. As per usual it was hard work, but managed 2.3 miles in the 25 mins.

And the tip? If you haven't yet invested in a sports bra, then try wearing two bras. Got this from a friend who wears 3????? Anyway, thought I'd give it a go and it works, my 36DD's were not going anywhere. Hope that's not too much information, but thought I'd pass it on.

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I'm a two sports bra wearer too, I'm a few cups bigger, less bounce, less pain and friction, essential or I wouldn't be running at all.


i got a sports bra on thurs, from M&s cost 19.50 its a racer back style (looks the same type of clip as the shock absorber one from the back). its fantastic, im really pleased with it. its the extra high impact one


Hi, although it is great that it helped you run, I would be very careful about wearing two bras if they are underwired, the wire on the second bra will end up bent out of shape and can easily bruise you (I used to work in a specialist bra shop) . So just keep an eye out, a real sports bra is much better.

If you are a larger size as I am (32JJ ouch!) then I'd suggest trying shock absorber sports bras - the one I have goes up to a K and it holds me really well - no bouncing, jiggling or black eyes for me! Hope this helps :)


I used to wear 2 bras a few years ago when I ran but I've now invested in a shock absorber bra - I struggle to get it on but once its on those bad boys are clamped so tight theres no danger of them going anywhere! I recommend!!


Thanks everyone, yes I must get a proper bra soon, actually hoping to get to town this week so will have a look in M&S, maybe a quick trip to the sports shop for some running bottoms and, and ....... I feel a spree coming on!!!


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