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A bargain for my running ladies

Hello everyone,

I'm not really sure how but I've managed to make it to week 5 of B210K, following on from C25K without buying myself a sports bra.

Anyway, I finally got around to tackling this problem and decided to look for a ShockAbsorber as I've seen them being recommended on this forum. While looking on Ebay I found this

I was sure these bras normally cost £20-£30 so I thought I'd take a chance. It arrived yesterday, not at all yellow, and I immediately put in to the test. I'm only a 32D but I was still cynical about wearing anything not underwired. I was so wrong! It was amazing, I felt well supported and comfortable for the entirety of a 56 minute run.

I thought I should share as I considered this a great bargain, if they don't have your size in this listing look in the sellers shop as they have several seperate listings of the same product.

Thanks and happy running,

Emily :)

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Wow how have you managed for so long without a sports bra? Mind you I would have been in danger of knocking myself out without one. You can get under wired sports bras now, you know if you fancy another one - I love my panache

Again if you hunt around you can find bargain prices, though I doubt you'd get such a great bargain as you found with the shock absorber (I found they gave me unattractive mono boob but I am more than a handful).

Happy bounce free running


Ha! Thanks Spoonie. I have a friend who refers to mono boob as 'the shelf', much fun. Your link has been blocked by my work filter but I'll have a look later!

I have some great fitting bras I wear day to day and wasn't finding running in them uncomfortable. Having tried the shock absorber last night though it did feel better, and now I won't have to worry about wearing out my day to day underwear and more importantly doing myself any damage.

Down with bouncing, on with running :)


Haha it's the boobs the firewall has blocked :D


Wooooohhhhoooo. Great bargain!

My husband bought me one for Christmas. I nearly fainted!!! It's purple though. Lovely it is too

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Hi all Panache sports bra fans: Their multi bra with the racer back in is currently half price on - only £18.50 whereas Bravissimo sells it for £38


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