Couch to 5K

Week 5, Run 3, Bosh!!

Well got out early this morning and completed Week, 5, Run 3. A beautiful morning, crisp but with blue sky.

Previously did run 2 twice as had had a week gap with my running and thought that was the safest thing to do. Had 'issues' with my download this morning which just stopped talking to me during the warm up but as it was 20 minutes straight running it was easy to keep track with my watch. I think I actually prefer 'naked' running as you notice more of what is going on around you.

A couple of other 'runners' ran the opposite way to me and nodded hello and I'm starting to feel less of a fraud now! Maybe I will make a runner albeit of the snail variety!

Happy running everyone! :) :)

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Well done you Supermouse...

A snail variety runner is better tan sittign in the armchair for 30 minutes, so good on you



Well done Supermouse..20 minutes running. you feel proud of yourself. Definately a runner through and through.😊


Snails? Brilliant creatures.. I am a Grey one... although I can be a yellow stripey one when I get going! :)

Slow, is fine... well done you x

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Nice one! I am tackling the same run tomorrow...gulp!

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Interesting to read as I tend to also repeat each session once since w1r1 and I'm due to run w5r3 for the first time tomorrow! A bit Nervous!

Well done for doing it so well 😊


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