Right where do I get my badge :-D

Oh my goodness I actually did it. According to map my run I did 5.05k in 36.03 but there was a 2 minute walk in there which I did after Laura told me I'd done my 30 minutes. should have been my 5 min cool down but I decided to run some more, so I did and that put me just over the top of 5k. :-D very pleased with myself. The support from all you guys is amazing. You picked me up and pushed me on when I really needed it. So thank you all.

To anyone who is starting out, just keep going you will get there. And if you are struggling come here and blog you wil get the best advice around from people who have been there done that and now the badge to prove it. :-)

Happy jogging everyone. X


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41 Replies

  • Fantastic achievement. Well done :D

  • Thank you. :-)

  • Congratulations!!! was waiting for your blog to say you had graduated and extra running too well done you!!! Hope to be joining you soon only one run to do!!! Happy Running!!

  • Thanks. :-) When are you doing your last run?

  • If my thighs have stopped aching enough in the morning otherwise Monday after work. They do seem to be easing but yesterdays run really did take it out of them but I was a bit silly speeded up to try to get the 5k done too, Actually had to slow down half way and was slower than the run before lol so my own fault!

  • I did speed up a bit in the begging too but then though I better slow it down again otherwise I'd never make it to the end.

    Fingers crossed for you. Slow and steady, you can work on the speed later. :-)

  • Well done you...time to crack open the champers and get your badge!! Xx

  • Thanks. :-) I just had a nice big breakfast and really enjoyed it. :-) Even though I had to cook it myself (haha). Monday I start the 5k+.

  • Well done caz - great distance and great time! :-)

  • Thank you. I am quite pleased actually. :-)


  • Right, now that I've got that out of my system, I just want to say how damned pleased I am for you, caz. :-) :-) :-)

  • Hahahaha thank you. :-)

    I'm pretty pleased with myself. Thank you so much because you really have been my cheerleader. :-) It's taken me a bit longer the than 9 weeks but I'm here. :-D

  • Absolutely brilliant! I'm still elated for you. See you're doing 5K+ next week... expect to hear all about it in the coming weeks. ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  • You have a great weekend too. I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face. LOL

  • AAAAAAAH, well done and congratulations! :D

    Have been watching for this blog :P

    So pleased for you - what's next?!

  • Thank you Bilby. Next is 5k+. I want to build my speed and stamina. I will be in Lanzrote for two weeks and I fully intend to continue with my jogging and as soon as I can hit the 5k in 30 minutes or less I will sign up for the race for life.

  • Congratualtions! Sounds like a lovely graduation run :-) yay! Get that badge and the tshirt now!

    Great time too! Good luck with the C25K+, I'm still using / enjoying? them! :-)

  • Thank you Poppy. :-) I really don't think I could have completed this programme without all you guys helping me along. It certainly does help when you have people in your corner. :-)

  • Congratulations - well deserved!

  • Thank you. :-)

  • Well done! What more is there to say?!!!

  • Well done is just fine, thank you. :-)

  • Well done caz

    Like others on here been waiting to hear your great news so pleased for you and great your carrying on with 5k+ and good distance too hope I can run that far by week 9 so enjoy your hoilday and I will look forward to your 5k+ blogs about how well your doing

    So keep running. Kate x x

  • Thank you Kate. :-) I'm still kinda finding it hard to believe that I have actually come to the end. I think at the beginning I wasn't 100% convinced I would reach the end, but here I am. :-)

    Where are you up to in the programme now kate?

  • Week 8 was ill over Easter and then struggled with week 7 so bit behind and I only run twice a week as little kids to look after ! But will def stick with to the end looking forward to getting my badge as like you thought I would never run 30 mins and here I am at 25 already and so enjoy my me time out running in the fresh air even if my

    niece does call me forest ha ha

  • Life does tend to get in the way doesn't it! Glad you are sticking with it, It's the best things I have ever done that is just for me!

    Good luck with your next run.

    Run Forrest Run! ;-)

  • Ps look forward to seeing your badge x

  • Me too. :-D

  • Brilliant news Caz !!! Great, fantastic, awesome, stupendous!!!! Sorry I'm only just congratulating you now - worked a long day yesterday and went straight out afterwards :(

    So thrilled for you ... So are you planning to do 5k races now? Sooooo impressed with your time and distance combination. I'm going to try and crack a regular 5k now but am still slow ... but I do quite fancy the ParkRun idea by about June or July. Go us grads, eh? :D Linda

  • Thank you Linda. I'm just going to follow up with the 5k+ for the time being. I'll see how I go with that and who know what I might sign up for after my holiday. :-)

  • Awesome!!

    Congrats :)

  • Thank you Gregg. Yay you got your badge. :-)

  • Woo-hoo - partaaaayyy!!! :D Ahem. Congratulations on your graduation. Well done!!! Now go get that badge :)

  • Haha thanks. I have put in for my badge just waiting now. :-)

  • Hiya again, I put in for my badge before doing my grad blog at Friday lunchtime... Have since messaged the second 2 Admin person on my list and sent a general message to Admin. Still no badges for us :(

    Do you suppose they're all on strike?

  • Try the FEEDBACK button (guaranteed you'll get it tomorrow. Monday.) Admin have been a bit slow recently... though Stephen, the NHS fitness editor is usually quite prompt (probably busy) ;-)

  • I asked admin and I asked feedback so we'll see when I get it, can't wait though. I'm so impatient. Hahaha

  • LOL... Yep my messages have been via FEEDBACK and my two admin folk ... Wouldn't have kept my jobs if I'd been so slack LOL :D ;) Heeeheee

  • Fantastic. Many congratulations. Hope you had a good cellebration :-) you eserve your badge. I am sure it will be there soon.

    Keep it going. :-)

  • Thank you. :-) My OH bought me 4 dozen white roses and a nots saying how proud he is of me. :-D He left them on my chair so when I got up the next morning after my run they were there waiting for me. :-D

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