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Hello to all those participating in the the 5x50 Challange. It's day 1 and I'm as excited as the rest of you. :) Right now I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, but I'm planning on going for a run this afternoon. I'll enter my run onto the 5x50 website once I've completed it.

Now, we received instructions on how to log in to enter our 5x50 activities, but It's not very obvious how to view that activity once it's been entered. So here's how you do that...

1) Log in to your account

2) From the menu choices listed across the legs of the 5 runners in the top picture select "Team: NHS Couch to 5K (C25K)"

3) Under the "Team Information" tab click on your name or anybody elses name to see the posted activities.

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It would have been nice if they had added a team total so we could see how far round the world we have got - we have a number of team members in different parts of the world and it would be great to see how far we have travelled.


Thanks, Tex! Hope your run goes well. I cycled today instead of running. Good luck! :)


Thanks TX thats handy to know. Good luck to you with the rest of the 5x50 :)


Hello TX, hope your run went well. I did my first day run here in chilly but sunny Paris. How about you starting a blog asking all us 5x50 challengers where we are and how we plan to get through this? Enjoy the challenge!


Thanks for that.


They've fixed it now, so you can see your previous activity on your account page: name)

There are three headings:

5x50 Activity Tracking

Upcoming Challenges

5x50 2013 Activity (This shows your logged activity with a running total)

I'm back from my run and have input my activities. Yay!

As swanscot mentioned you can now see your activities on your account page.

But if you want to take a peek at your teammate's activities then use the steps above.

Whoohoo! I'm heading to the fridge for some cold chocolate soy milk. Mmmmmm. :)

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