5x50 Challenge – Something to make you very, very happy!!

5x50 Challenge – Something to make you very, very happy!!

I couldn’t go out for my “new” lunchtime walk today due to aching too much from my High Intensity DVD workout yesterday with Davina – oh yes, she worked me hard for 1hr 20mins and now I’m paying for it!! That will teach me for leaving it so long…… :O So just a short walk today of 5.7km.

Anyway, because of this I spent my lunch break as usual checking out this site for new posts and the MalcyMeter(!) to see how we were getting on as a Team. (Brilliant BTW, keep going peeps!) That led me to the 5x50 website and then I started to get real nosey and check out our rival teams, especially the one that beat us to being the biggest with 221 members, #FitTeam13. Grrrrr!

Well I’ll be damned!! After clicking on a few names I started to get very suspicious as there were no activities being recorded. The more I clicked, the more that were coming up with nothing, nada, nichts, niente, ZILCH!! Well now I was on a fact finding mission that I couldn’t be diverted away from and decided to look at all members, yes all 221! This is what is going to make you sooooo happy my fellow 5x50 team mates :D :

THEY ONLY HAVE 62 MEMBERS THAT ARE REGISTERED TO THE 2013 CHALLENGE AND OF THEM ONLY 48 ARE ACTUALLY ACTIVE AND TRACKING AN ACTIVITY!!!! What is more, of those that are tracking quite a few seem to have given up after a few days from what I briefly saw as I was going through them. The majority that make up the team were either not registered for any challenge at all or were members of the team that had been registered for the 2012 challenge and of these only a handful had actually completed it last year anyway!!! Then to top it all, there were a good number of duplicate names in the team list too…….

Now I don’t know about you but I have mixed feelings about all of these shenanigans; I am very happy that we are in fact the biggest team and have more active members and are all doing so well in making an effort every day :) Me? Competitive?? ;) However, I won’t be at all happy if I find out that they top the Challenger Leaderboard as being the biggest team this year, which it seems they did for 2012 with their team #5x50FitTeam12 with 174, if that was indeed accurate!! :X

Well Team NHS C25K, I think we have every reason to feel very proud and happy of what we are achieving and to hold our heads up! So,in light of the above "investigation" I would like to take this opportunity to, ahem, declare us the unofficial 'Biggest 5x50 Challenge Team for 2013'!!! Me? Competitive?? :) Please accept the above trophy in recognition of this brilliant piece of news and enjoy celebrating.....that is if you have any energy left in your tired, achy limbs to do so!! ;)

Enjoy the rest of day 9; just 41 to go..........



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62 Replies

  • Good Job :D

  • Cheers! Gave me something to do :)

  • What a sleuth! Thanks for the trophy. :-) :-) :-)

  • Your welcome! ;) When you get your Grad badge you will have two things to keep nice and shiny and on the mantlepiece! :D

  • Yes, I'm feeling proud and happy - well done all of us ! :-)

  • Was there ever a doubt??? OUR TEAM ROCKS!!!! :-) ;-) Thank you so much for your research... you make quite the detective! :-) Can you include lunchtime "investigation" as activity for logging you time/mileage today? Very well done Sue and all the other challengers in our group, we may be second place in members/stats on the other site but we are first place with our enthusiasm and actual time/mileage counts! :-) Gayle

  • :D More like nosey than detective! ;)

  • I have checked out some of the other teams and I'm a bit suspicious now as most of the people I have clicked on have no activities, I've only found about 3 who do.

  • Maybe those clocking up the mileage are individuals rather than in teams then...?

  • I noticed this - I just looked through a few teams that could be local to me to see if there's ANYONE else in this area doing the challenge. I even wondered for a long time if you can only see your own team - then I finally found a few with activities so maybe not. It would be nice to get some kind of team recognition from 5x50 - do they publish any stats? I haven't foudn any.

  • I guess many of the people in teams were press-ganged into signing up by work colleagues, family, friends, etc and are/were full of good intentions, but without any solid base like we have here (ie most/many of us running at least 3x/week or every alternative day).

  • What cheats! And well done Sherlock, excellent investigation skills :-P

  • At least we are not cheating and are fully committed.......to an institution me thinks! ;)

    As I said to Gayle, more like nosey than investigator :D

  • No, you're definitely not competitive, Sue ;-) :-)

  • :D :D For the team Sheila, for the team!! ;)

  • We'll get Malcy on to them ... identify their best performers and maybe put in a transfer bid for them? Maybe some Sir Alex style mind games?

  • Great idea though I'm more of a Mourinho fan myself! ;) It must be his humble opinions that I like! :D

    Though if Malcy finds anyone going by the name of Torres in any of the teams they can keep him!!! Oh, but then you did say best performers didnt you??!

  • Excellent idea! 5x50Leaks! Poor Malcy may have to seek political asylum somewhere for unveiling misconduct -- how about Italy? :-D

  • Interesting! I've just looked at Malcy's latest data, and love the pie chart of walk/run/cycle etc. Average 7km each per active member is really good. Not sure I understand where the 2km each comes from though, as there don't seem to be all that many inactive people? Maybe I'm misunderstanding something? Wouldn't be the first time! :)

  • Oh - wow! Just clicked on the graph by my name, and there's even an individual pie! Yummy!

  • Wow yes! That wasnt there earlier!! Loving my baby individual pie! :) Isnt he just amazing........

  • I've just been and had another look and it's brill - hope Malcy is reading these threads so he can see how much we appreciate his efforts! Love the little pie especially :-)

  • I am indeed - aren't pies wonderful? Especially if they're full of juicy meat and if the pastry is done properly and ...

    STOP - Get thee behind me. (Having said all that, the Hairy Bikers did produce a low(er) calorie pie - mmmmm)

  • I love that pie!!! What a nice surprise that was! :)

  • I'm not sure where you're seeing "Average 7km each active member", and "2km"?

    The team stats say:

    The team has

    71 members

    The total distance covered by the team is


    The average distance per active member is

    58 km

    = 8 km / day


    I wonder if your pc is showing a previously saved version of the page...? Try hitting the refresh button on your toolbar and see if you get the figure I show above. (I had this problem earlier today).

  • Thanks - refreshing sorted it out. Not sure what was going on there!

  • I'm feeling that if 8km is the average I'm rather letting the side down with 5. However, I really can't increase - it was all I could do to get my coldy, achey self around my 5km route today. Even had to resort to walking in the slow intervals a bit. The swim last week and the bike ride yesterday have a lot to answer for!

  • Not at all Ann. 5k is what we are asked to do and that is what you are doing so feel good about that! I think I am going to suffer for a couple of days too so just 5k walks for me rather than runs I think.... We should all be super fit and have muscles not seen before by the end of this! :D

  • I think it will settle down as we get further into the challenge and the initial novelty has worn off. I definitely think more of us will be averaging 5k per day so don't feel bad :)

  • Looking at the individual 'line charts', you're right - a flurry of high achievement in the first couple of days then we all got a bit more sensible about it. In my case, it was just that I was knackered after that first bout of enthusiasm (:->)

  • Ann, you are doing fantastic! You are doing exactly what the challenge is asking of us! :-) We are sticking to the 5K as well, other then if we bicycle. Two reasons: we want to not get so overwhelmed we quit the challenge and our old bodies can't handle it! ;-) Gayle

  • Hi Gayle,

    Thank you for your encouragement. I'm not sure what I'll do today - it's a running rest day but the pool's out (coldy yuck still) so it may have to be along walk after dinner. It's been grey and damp here all day and I worked (from home) this morning and did the IRS forms this afternoon - even after 2 years back here they still have me in their grip and the bills just get bigger :-(

    I'm wondering if half an hour on the Wi Fit will count?


  • Wii fit sounds good to me. If only I could get it to work!

  • Thanks for the permission :-) Helpful teenager is setting it up for me right now - and she thinks it very funny that I've got changed into exercise gear including my 5x50 t-shirt (for the first time). Got to do it properly!

  • Well, it is quite funny! :) I'd quite like to do some wii fit, but can't get the zapper thingummy to charge up. Annoying. :P

  • I think there is a slight glitch here because sometimes it says we have done 360 km and sometime it comes up with 3600 km (which I believe it the correct mileage).

  • Yes, I had that this morning.

  • I find that when I first go into it it has the lower figure then when I come out and go back in it has the correct figure; maybe a bit like "turning your pc on and off again!" - no offence Malcy ;) :D

  • Thanks for pointing that out - now fixed.

  • Hi. I think it's the number of cyclists - I see Andy Dean did 52Km yesterday alone - that bumps up everyone's average ... but I'm not complaining (:->)

  • Great sleuthing Sue! Haha! I think we can safely say we are the best team!!! I wonder if there are still logging glitches, it seems odd that so many people would have nothing logged...

    AND we have malcy the magnificent! We could run 5x50!

    Either way, GO US! We rock! :)

  • > it seems odd that so many people would have nothing logged...

    It's still the Easter (school) holidays so I'd imagine some people are still away from their computers and maybe not bothering logging into 5x50 from mobile devices.

  • Yep they could all be on holiday filling their days with exercise and too busy to log :)

  • Great investigating (noseyness) Sue ;-) the biggest team :D I recon we might also be the most international as well.

  • Well I never :-0 the cheeky blooming cheats!!! I feel really proud of our team, not only are we the biggest :-) but doing it properly too with what I can only assume no exaggerated k's

    Well done everyone xx we are all worthy of that gorge gold trophy xx

  • Ha ha! I did wonder, but having looked through our team a couple of times I cannot imagine how you sat and looked through the 'biggest team' stats in one go! Great investigating/noseyness!!!! Love checking Malcy's stats to see how well we're doing! NHS C25K rocks indeed! :-)

  • Do u know you've got me at it now, I've just looked through a fare few randomly and I'd say about 35-40% who have registered are actually doing it, even weight watchers haven't logged anything!! Or is my comp poorly?

    Still well done us xx

  • :D No you are seeing correctly Souki! I think that teams were created for the 2012 challenge and then they stay there for the next challenge for people to join even though all the prevous members may not sign up, maybe just some of them. It does inflate the team numbers though....

    Well done us indeed! Sx

  • Well done, Sherlock :) What a cheek that there are empty teams! Not ours, though - go NHS C25K! Pom-poms, cheering, streamers, bunting - the lot!

  • I reckon Malcy should expose these people who enrolled biu since then have just sat on the couch. We ARE the most numerous/intenational/best looking/ uncompetitive/modest team out there :-)

  • You bet we are Delia!

    Hope you have a spare room for him when he seeks asylum cos what's the betting when we go on to the MalcyMeter later there will be a spreadsheet naming and shaming the culprits ;) :D (Only joking Malcy; no more data required honest. Just get out there and run now!) We just luv Malcy and even more so now I saw his parkrun result posted - 26 mins!! RESPECT!


  • Respect indeed! Today's my walking day. And walking takes ages! I'm hyperactive in case you hadn't noticed! Only clocked around 2K so far today!

  • ... but at least two C25Kers had better times. Damn them!

    But now you've given me a new challenge, I'm on a roll, so watch this space!

  • :-) :-) GO TEAM!!! :-) :-)

  • > We ARE the most numerous/intenational/best looking/ uncompetitive/modest

    > team out there :-)

    That had me laughing our loud! :-)

    Go team! GO!!!

  • *out*

    (Wish we could edit replies!)

  • I chortled at my desk about that too! (now if only I could shoehorn myself off it and out for a lunchtime walk!)

  • Here here :)

  • Have just done a 30 minute workout which is 5K, but I feel as though I'm cheating as it's not the same as running. Nevertheless rules are rules!

  • It is kosher honest! I emailed Simon at 5x50 regarding 60 mins of exercise and he said record as 10k so if you feel like doing another half hour.... ;)

  • Great investigating Sue.....it is really quite unfair of that team. I hope something gets done. I'm loving the stats Malcy has done for us..... :) Keep up the great work team, we rock :-D

  • Haha! That really is something. Good work Sue!

    :) :) :D :) :)

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