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Gone International !

With apologies to these of you suffering the old back in the UK, I'm out in Malta on holiday and I've done my first 'International' runs along the Sliema sea front - 3K of nice flat path (unfortunately full of pedestrians who keep getting in the way !). I managed 6K on Wednesday, then 7.25 K on Friday, it was just so pleasant I didn't want to stop.

It's the first time I've run in temps above 20C (actually probably the first time above 5C) and it's so much nicer, can't wait for summer. The only problem I found was a lack of pockets to put my iPhone in, now I know why people have arm bands for them, just hope it gets warm enough to need one back in he UK ;-)

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What a lovely experience! I do remember those runs in warm weather, though seems like a distant memory now, and it is nice but I don't like getting too hot either :O Never satisfied eh?! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and happy Easter!



So that's where the sun's gone! Nasty and wet and windy here in Italy... Enjoy it while you can! 8-)

I agree about the lack of pockets thing... yet another "must-have"... maybe... might end up sewing a little pocket to the inside of my waistbands instead. Or make my own armband thing from an old sock or something.


20 deg sounds absolutely pefect and I'm sure we're all jealous. Warm enough to get some heat into the muscles & bones but not so much as to create difficulties. In fact, just writing that made my old body feel better - I swear I could feel the heat on my back (i'm still in bed so maybe I just left the electric blanket switched on!)

Isn't there a track on one of he podcasts that talks about sunshine?

Running in a new location is fantastic, isn't it? A bit of a novelty so it feels fresh, and the new sights, sounds and smells are really invigourating. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that it adds a totally new dimension to any holiday (or work trip). The 'others' just don't know what they're missing. Running? I LOVE IT!

Have a great break, and try to take some of he sunshine home.


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