I've only gone & done it!!!

II'VE DONE IT! I've just finished W9R3! Wow! can't believe I've finished the whole programme! I've never stuck to a whole exercise programme in my entire life and now I've done it at the grand old age of 48!

And I managed my final run in typical style, getting lost off course & having to go up a couple of monster hills at barely above walking pace to get back on track. The rest of the run I felt fit and ran pretty well and it was a grand run through woods and across the moor in brilliant sunshine with the dog enjoying pretending to 'kill' rocks whilst waiting for me to catch up!

When I started, I swore I wouldn't be sending off for the badge as I thought it was too cheesy, but now all I can say is "BRING ON THE CHEESE!" Not only am I sending off for the badge but I'll also be buying the T shirt and wearing it with huge pride!!

Thanks to everyone on this site, it's so supportive and invaluable in keeping me going. To everyone who's still working through the programme - keep going. The sense of pride & acheivement at the end of it is priceless!

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  • Congratulations... and you will look good with your badge and tee shirt .. have a good celebration :)

  • Well done. Definitely get the t shirt!

  • Congratulations! I was totally different, spent the whole time wishing for a badge :P Now debating the t-shirt as well...I'm sure you'll look amazing with both :D

  • Congratulations!!! As a proud owner (and wearer) of both the badge and the T shirt, I definitely think you should get both!! :-D

  • Congratulations, it's a fantastic feeling isn't? At the start, when you're reading these blogs you can't imagine running for 30 minutes non-stop and then miraculously, 9 weeks later, you can! I think it's witchcraft ;-)

  • Congratulations.

    Awesome job and enjoy the cheese.....cheesy grin that is!!

    Well done xx

  • Congratulations on your graduation! Yes, get the badge - and the shirt! Wear them both with pride, 'cos you've earned them :)

  • Thanks everyone for the congrats! Have applied for my badge and the t shirt already, and planning my first post grad run!

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