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He's only gone and do it!

That's it, W9R3 completed last Friday. Actually run the full 5K in 32:17. Very chuffed with myself.

I first learnt of the Couch25K about six months ago but didn't have the confidence to start the plan even though I've been going to the gym three times a week for years. However, 13 weeks ago I took the plunge and can easily say its the best decision I've made.

I've done all the runs during my lunch break on a treadmill at the gym mainly so I knew how fast and how far I've run each time.

Looking back week one felt such a hard slogg and at that time, when looking through the up comming weeks, I just thought I'd never be able to run for 5 mins nonstop let alone 8, 10 or even 20 mins!

Had a couple of false starts. Had to stop after week one as I had a flair up of Plantar Fasciitis then another week off at week two as had knee problems but it was all third time lucky and apart from splitting week 8 over two weeks as I still didn't have the confidence to take on the longer runs, had no further problems.

Stopped listening to the podcasts from week 7 but for that last week 9 run when back and it was so good to hear Laura say "that's it, your done!"

It's funny this running lark to so addictive I actually look forward to going to work on a Monday!

Good luck to all those who are still working their way through the course or those thinking of starting. If I, 43 yo 18 stone bloke can do it so can you!

PS have lost two stone since starting!

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Congratulations, can't wait until I can say that I have completed week 9

(I am on week 3 at the moment ) and it's good to hear that people sometimes, falter and repeat weeks etc . It reminds me that it's not just me , well done again !!


Thanks Kazzers. Dont be put off by the thought of the longer runs. One thing I learnt from re running weeks was the hardest part was actually pulling on my shoes! It's much more a mental rather than physical barrier although the extra training didn't hurt.

When I first ran for 20 mins my first thought was "could have pushed on and run 22 or 23 easily".


Well done, trjones! What a great feeling of achievement. I graduated on Friday night and am looking forward to seeing the shiny green graduate badge beside my name. I'm going to work on my speed now with the 5k+ podcasts. It sounds as though you have had some set backs but kept going through it all. Good luck with your running!


Thanks oona and congratulations to you too!

I'm eyeing up the 5K+ podcasts too but I'm off to Cyprus for a week at the end of this week, so will just plod away until I return.


Congratulations - and what a great time for your 5k! Well done, and keep running :)


Thanks Anniemurph


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