I've set myself up to fail!!!!

Yesterday I was due to do W5R3. I have found all the runs a challenge but had managed them but have really been dreading this run so much so I woke up the night before thinking about it. I went out early as I was off work, my other runs I normally do after a day at work so thought it would be easier. I have previously been so positive but on my warm up walk I was having very negative feelings that I couldn't do it, my leg was niggling so would stop me and such thoughts.

I started the jog and after what seemed like ages Laura said I had run for 5 minutes and I then lost every last positive thought and began thinking only 5 minutes there is no way I can run for another 15 my breathing wont make it my legs already really ache etc etc. I got to the point where Laura said I had been running for 10 minutes and thought I can't do this and just stopped. So in fact run less than most other runs. I then decided to try again today, as I hadn't completed the run didn't need a days rest but again as soon as she said I had run 10 minutes I gave up. I have now totally lost this mental challenge and now sure how to overcome my own mind.

Has anyone else got themselves into a mind lock and if so how did they get past it, I so don't want to give up now.


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23 Replies

  • It is a mental battle. Sometimes the demons win. Trouble is, the more pressure you put on yourself, the harder it gets.

    When I had a couple of bad runs, I decided that for the next one, if I *had* to stop I would, I'd walk for a couple of minutes to recover then set off again. I found that the second run was much better and I ran further and for longer than ever! If you stop after 10 minutes, walk a bit then run for another 10/15 mins, that makes 20/25 altogether! That's pretty good isn't it?

    Doesn't matter how you do it, just make up your mind that you won't come home until you've done a total of 20 minutes. You'd have to walk home, so you might as well run it!

  • Sounds like you should stop listening to Laura! It is a challenge and it sounds like you have over thought it. I personally find it eayier to focus on distance rather than time, plan a route that you think will take about 20 mins and concentrate on getting to the end. It doesn't matter if it takes slightly less (or more) time. Plan a playlist of music that you find motivating so Laura cannot deflate you, and go for it. Keep your pace steady and you should be able to do it. You have ,after all, managed to get this far which is execptional and the odd fail just makes the successes all the sweeter.

    Good luck :-)

  • It may be that for you running at the end of the day is best for now as that is your routine.

    Agree with Dottie just keep going after any walk/stops. Also if you've been doing the same route each time try doing a different one if possible, or just go the other way round, or on the other side of the road. When I got stuck on a run, changing the route helped as I didn't get to the part where I'd stopped previously and thought 'that's as far as I got before, I can't do it".

    The other thing is to slow down, generally however slow you are running, it is possible to go slower and this often helps to get over a sticky bit.

  • Thanks guys.....sounds like some good advice I will take a complete days rest and then go out with some music that gets me motivated. I will plan a route that I think should take around 30 minutes or longer and if I can't manage I will walk for a couple of minutes and then continue jogging for the rest of the route and should then have jogged for at least 20 minutes overall. Hopefully this will get me past this mental challenge. Thanks again for your help it has given me some things to focus on rather than the anger I feel at myself for letting myself down twice!!

  • I think thats a good idea about changing route as today as I got near yesterdays point of stopping I knew I was going to quit at that point. I am now sure I can go much slower without going backwards though I really do think I am that slow. Thanks for your help.

  • Yes, I had a couple of fails in W6 and got dissatisfied with myself so I restarted the week. It didn't go totally well, but I must have improved my stamina a bit just by doing a bit more because when i got to R3 it was fine.

    As you say, it's mainly in your head - and if you're starting off believing you can't do it, then you're probably going to prove yourself right!

    To some extent it is a journey of faith as none of us probably thought we could ever _really_ run for 30 minutes when we began. So set yourself some targets that you know you can achieve; feel good about yourself again; and then do the 20 minutes - after all you have done nearly that much in the previous runs, the only thing that's different is stringing it together and believing you can do it.

  • You are out there doing it and that is better than not. :-) I have hit a problem too and yes it is very disheartening, and I did just want to cry the second time I could finish a run. But I have decided that I am just going to run for as long as I can and not actually worry if it's not the full time, because at the end of the day I can still run further than when I started this programme. Don't over think it just get out there are do what you can do. Believe in yourself and you will get there.

    Good luck. :-)

  • I always thought this would be a physical challenge but it is so much more of a mental challenge and why I have mentally lost it at this stage I don't know. I did think about restarting the week but because of the big jump from run 2 to 3 in this week I think I would only mentally block myself again when I got to run 3. So I am going to work on running at least the 20 mins each time and hopefully improve on my string of 10 minutes each time. I just don't want to be stuck on this week for too long.

  • It is a mental thing as well as physical, but you will get there. Look back and remember the progress you have already made. :-)

  • Well done for running for 10 minutes. I don't know if it would help to focus on what you have achieved rather than what you didn't do. I'm not as far on as you (W5R3 is next week) but in my earlier runs when I felt disappointed with myself I looked back to the early weeks. I suppose it's a bit like climbing a mountain and looking back at the view and how far you've gone. Good luck :)

  • Thats a good idea just a short time ago I found the 60 seconds hard work and I am now managing 10X that. I definitely need to refocus on the positive aspects and not dwell on the negatives. Thank you all for lifting my spirits with your great ideas, that comes from the family too who have had to deal with my low mood for the last couple of days!!

  • The "F-word" is banned!!! You're just experiencing a slight blip... your body is having to wait for your mind to catch up. It'll pass. Sounds like you've already benefitted from the good advice above. :-)

  • After I graduated I went for about 4 runs without getting much past 15 mins. I don't know why but once I decided I would not fret and just run what I could I shot back to 30 mins. I still never know if I am going to keep going for 30-40m mins or stop after 10 for no good reason. There is defintey one bit of a route that I have to avoid now as I always stop when I get to it so maybe worth changing yuor next run but I am sure it will come if you don't think too hard. Easy for me to say of course

  • Hey don't give up. You can do it. I was the same as you. 5-10 is the hardest. I wanted to punch Laura in the face when she said 5 mins done but I promise just push past 10 and the second half is easier. I just kept telling myself I was more than half way at that point. Keep at it. Slow as you need :-)

  • I didn't manage it the first time - in fact, I think I only ran for 6 minutes and then just stopped. I really beat myself up about it and got in a right frazzle. The next time I went out I told myself I was going to run for 10 minutes, then walk for a couple of minutes, then run the next 10. For some reason I just kept going and did the whole 20. I think this was because I took the pressure off myself.

    Eat well, drink lots, rest and try again on a different route, where you go nice and slowly. You'll do it, I'm sure. Even now, the first 12 - 15 minutes of every run are hateful for me, and I want to stop, but I've realised now that this is just what happens and after the 15-minute mark I can ususally carry on for longer. All the best with it - let us know how you get on :)

  • Oh dear might be a long wait waiting for my mind to catch up!! I am itching to get out and try again but am making sure I take today off of any sort of exercise so that I can't blame the squats etc for my aching legs. I too would like to punch Laura at this stage but know full well that once I master this I will want to hug her again. I have really given myself a rough time over this setback and realise its me putting too much pressure on myself and that wont help me at all. Tomorrow I intend going out and giving it my best shot and if I have to walk some of it then so be it but I WILL do better than the 10 minutes and WILL run for 20 minutes!! Thank you all for so much support you have been fantastic and now I just want to be able to report back that I done it but know that if this takes a few attempts then so be it.

  • I did it, I did it.....still can't believe it. I took motivating music in one ear and Laura in the other turned down so I could just about hear her as I felt I needed to. Changed direction and route so although I had an idea how long it would take in total I would not know where the 10 minute mark would be. The 5 minute mark wasn't too bad today as I suppose this wasn't my obstacle, I then got to Laura saying 10 and thought right now anything you do is an improvement so keep going, they say it gets easier in the next 10 minutes. It didn't get easier for me but kept thinking if you don't do this you need to go back and post that once again you quit before the end so keep going. When Laura said 15 I thought right why give up now when you are so close and you will only have to try again if you do. Well it worked and when she said 2 minutes I remember thinking this was like the early days when just 60 seconds was such hard work, my legs were heavy and my breathing felt like it was in my stomach rather than my chest but I had to continue. When Laura said you can slow down now I suddenly realised if she had been there I could have danced with her as the elation gave me such a lift. I can';t believe how emotional I feel just for jogging 20 minutes!! Thanks to everyone who helped me get past this glitch I really couldn't have done it without you all!!

  • Well done!

    Great big pat on the back xx

  • Aww, that's brilliant! Well done :)

  • Thank you I am still on a high xx

  • Hurrah!! Well done you should be incredibly proud of yourself

  • Oh, well done! That is such an achievement, and a real inspiration for me as I am absolutely dreading the 'big' run. This is such a good and kind community in that we all help and learn from each other. So you are my inspiration, Karenmac70, and I take my hat off to you for persevering and sharing your helpful tips on how you did it. Thank you.

  • Thank you and your very welcome. Good luck on this run it definitely is mind over matter and you can do it!!!

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