I set myself up to fail!

I should have waited until tomorrow, but I was impatient, I wanted to to run. I couldn't run this morning as I had planned,because hubby was poorly and I had lots of things to organise. This afternoon was spent ferrying kids about, so I thought I would run after an early tea. I left it almost two hours, but I should have known better. After a lifetimes experience I know I am a morning person, excercise at night (7.30pm) has never suited me and I felt awful and uncomfortable. I purposely had not eaten much, just enough to stave off the hunger, but I still felt too full. I felt even more thirsty than I usually do. Eventually I had to give in and felt really deflated. I was hoping to graduate on Friday, but it was not to be. Do I need to run 30 mins 3 x consecutively to graduate? I did w9r1 on Monday today was supposed to be w9r2.


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12 Replies

  • I think, and it may only be me, that at this stage you can get hooked on habit. If you have always run at a certain time or place or wearing something, then doing something different can be a new kind of gremlim, something to focus any discomfort on, and that can set ourselves up to fail. I have done this by starting a run while telling myself it is too hot, or too many people around, and had to work on my mind to 'allow' myself to complete the run. Sounds like you had a bit of a stress full day too, maybe that was too much in your head rather than the fun fact that you are so nearly at graduation! Logically eating two hours before shouldn't really make any difference as long as you were well hydrated before going out, your body will just stop digesting so much for half an hour or so. Do you carry any water with you? I like to have a small amount in a belt bottle just to swell round my mouth as I get a dry painfulness at the back of my throat. So you will do run 2 on Thursday, and then what? Run 3 on Saturday? Now that sounds great fun, how about taking the family somewhere where they can cheer you on? Good luck!

  • Thanks, you make perfect sense. I did have water, but I think you are right about the gremlins. I can't run today because of family commitments, but I have time on Friday and Monday. Unfortunately though I have pins and needles down my left leg after last night, which I think could be from and old injury in my hip. I may have to visit the doctor if they don't fade. I'm wondering if my mind knew about the pins and needles before I felt them? I am going to do some yoga to try and stretch them out!

  • Please!! we are not allowed to use a 4 letter word starting with F here !! :) You will get your hand slapped every time that you do!! :)

  • Ha Ha, I promise I will mind my language in future !

  • yeah I think the gremlins were working, they are the ones telling you you can't do evening runs! I don't like to eat first but 2 hours should be ok, I usually just feed everyone else and reheat mine when I get back.

  • Yes, the gremlins were working overtime last night. I just didn't want to wait to Friday though as I can't run today.

  • 2 slapswrists for you !!! The F word just isnt allowed 😉

    There can be many and no reasons for harder runs on some days , whilst it is good to have a routine sometimes it is good or necassary to change things just takes a while for our minds to adjust too.

    Dont feel deflated you still went out and ran, that is a plus 😊 take the rest days , run, recover and regroup ready for your graduation runs

    I am sure you will just rock the 2 runs and that final run will just be the cherry on the cake, be proud very proud of everything you have done and will do 😊

  • Thank you, you are right. I'm proud of myself for getting so far, but I couldn't have got this far without all the help and support from all you good people. I think I was feeling deflated last night because I had visualized myself graduating on Friday, but hey Monday is good too!

  • Will look foward to seeing your graduation post on Monday 😊

  • Yay ! You HAVE come a long way you are absolutely right !

    You are soo close now....

    Good Luck , you will be fine ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks, I just need to put last night behind me and enjoy my run in the morning and then Monday here I come!

  • You're going to ace it :)

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