Stopped beating myself up!

It's 3 hours now since I did my W5R2, a practice run as it turned out. Did the first 8 minutes, then into the second running interval ... actually, on reflection I think I blame Laura today (better than blaming myself). I was really struggling with that second running spell and up pipes the lovely Laura to tell me "that's 4 minutes, you're halfway there". I carried on for a while longer, going slower and slower and slower still - it felt like I was running for a week - and eventually went back to a walk before I got to the end, took out my earbuds in self-disgust and so still don't even know how Laura deals with the end of the run. Never mind, on Monday I'll try again, so then I'll find out what she has to say towards the end. At least I know now not to be put off half way through that second run.


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14 Replies

  • It's odd isn't it how sometimes, Laura telling you your halfway through elicits the response "what, already? Yay!"

    And other times it just completely puts you off (especially when you are hoping against hope that she's going to say "only 60 seconds to go").

    That second 8 minutes was a killer for me, I remember almost begging Laura and was convinced that the podcast was cheating by putting in a 15 minute run, while telling us it was 8 minutes!

    The next one will be better and a practice is never wasted! 😊😊😊

  • Sounds like it was Laura's fault David😉

    Next time you will be ready for that prompt, dig in and finish it...

    A run is a run.. Well done.😊

  • Blame Laura... :) You are doing fine.. lots of things can up-end us...:)

    I remember, a few weeks before I graduated Christmas 2015.. the weather was simply horrid, I was out in the darkness every morning, and I went out one morning, and felt as if I was in a time warp... that the run was never, ever going to end... That was when I started making up running words to Christmas Carols.. to take my mind off the distance..:)

    Just keep on as you are, slow and steady and hang in there. Monday? You will crack it :) x

  • Definitely do it again, nice and slow from the start, good slow and deep breathing too. Maybe try relaxing your legs as you run too, this helps me to plod on, we are all waiting for good news. Well done for facing the run though, it was still a run, all good experience

  • There are runs like that. Chuck it in the fu*k-it bucket, and retain the fact that you RAN. And on Monday, tie the gremlin to a chair with the remote stuffed in his gob, and go for it :)

  • Exactly the same thing happened to me on the W5R2 run, although I managed to somehow struggle through to the end. I thought Laura would never call time on that last 8 minutes - telling me I was only half way through when my legs were tired was just plain mean. I sometimes think the walking in the middle is just enough time for the leg muscles to cool down a little too much and then stiffen up making the next run that bit harder. That's my excuse. If it's any help, I actually found W5R3 easier to deal with.

    What time are you running on Monday?

  • I guess it going to be trying W5R2 again sometime on morning morning. I work for myself so timings can be pretty flexible, but a damn customer's getting in the way of my C25K on Monday afternoon! I prefer running in the afternoons, that gives me plenty of time before I go out running to procrastinate and spend loads of wasted time listening to the gremlins. I definitely spend more energy doing the procrastination and listening to the gremlins than I ever actually do running!!

  • I've never been a morning person when it comes to running either. And a 30 minute run takes way longer than 30 minutes once the planning and stalling and re-planning is taken into account! I think the very fact that we've reached so far, not giving up on the hard runs, means we are probably more stubborn than the average person too.

    For me the C25K plan is there to be done. It's a stepping stone back to the days when I could go out for a head-clearing 6 mile hour-long run on the weekend and enjoy the scenery as it went past. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd have your commitment to re-do W5R2 - you were so very very very nearly there. When I realised the second half of my 8 min run would mean I continued running up a hill, I diverted my route.

    Building up running distance is as much about building up mental strength as it is leg strength, in my opinion. The brain will do everything to keep your body in it's comfort zone, and like the legs, the brain needs to be trained.

    For me increasing running time is all about the last few minutes no matter what length the run is. It's the last few minutes when we dig deep if it's a challenging run. For me, I count backwards as a distraction - from 100, or 200, or 300 depending on how much further I need to go. Gives my brain a distraction from telling me I can't do it!

  • Stubborn ... yes I guess I am when I get stuck into something, as I seem to have done with this programme. The image you paint of "an hour-long run enjoying the scenery" isn't something I can look back on, my (VERY VERY) distant memories are regrettably hugely different and more a recollection of being forced to run as a schoolboy, hating every single step, literally crying my way round the course. Worryingly though I found myself yesterday putting "jog in the park" into my diary as a one-day break from my normal C25K scheduled street/dreadmill routine - the gremlins are threatening to stay at home because they have exhausted themselves laughing at my ridiculous idea! I have to take care because I am just possibly - perhaps? - maybe? - looking forward to it! Got to do W5R2 first though .....

  • Ditto the above comment, I also found W5R3 easier than R2 so don't feel too disheartened!

  • No problem - you'll do it Monday. It's a toughie but you'll do it and things will change after you've done W5. It's all good - you're running faster than anyone still on the sofa. Be kind to yourself❤️.🐢👣🏃🏿

  • Thanks Donkeywhistler I really do understand what you are saying and I appreciate the encouragement ... trouble is that I get VERY hard on myself, often more than a "tad" unreasonably so. As someone genuinely old, unfit and who has always hated running I'm in danger of getting obsessed by this programme, and have no intention of giving up now. Even so I've also got to tell you that finding I go out and enjoy a run one day seems to me a long long time off somewhere in the very very distant future. Sad!

  • Please don't be sad ((hugs)) it isn't easy and as others have said W5R2 is hard, I find it helps if I say to myself 'if you've run 5 minutes you can run 6, if you can run 6 you can run 7 etc etc.

    Don't be too hard on yourself - anything worth having is always hard work I find, but you will get there, slowly slowly catchy monkey as the saying goes. Lots of good running vibes coming your way. :)

  • Thanks, trying very hard to "keep the faith!" .....

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