Couch to 5K

Week 5 and the Big 20 I've only gone and done it!

Felt so excited about this run and totally inspired by all the blogs on week 5 and those leading into week 6. Kept the mantra 'mind over matter' but in the first 5 minutes my legs went to lead and I knew I was going to struggle but I kept with it.

Before I knew it was 10 minutes done, I honestly have never run for 10 minutes without stopping in my life. [At school we used to hide in the bushes and smoke fags instead!!]. There was no way I could do another 10 but I kept going and all of sudden it was 15 and as a blogger said before it was only 5 left and I've done 5 before a few times so on I went. Then Laura said 2 minutes and my legs went to lead again but blow me I stuck with it and it was finished.

Completely in shock and have faith in the whole programme - in week 2 I remember thinking I could never run for 5minutes let alone 20, that was just ridiculous and what fit people did. Not people like me I could never do it.

I even don't feel as worn out as I did after some of the other runs, yes I had a bit of cramp at the end and I'm aching now but I actually love it.

This is amazing and I will complete the program - at the moment I feel I could do anything.

Off to celebrate with a cold one !


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Congratulations! Now there is no stopping you from completing any distance! You've gone from 8mins to 20mins, when a few weeks ago you wouldn't have even wanted to run for 3mins lol.


well done! you'll spend the rest of the day and week smiling to yourself and 'casually' dropping it into your conversations!! Isn't it a lovely feeling to know that you can do it? I didn't think i would even run- esp in week 2 when i was panting after yet another feeble attempt at running!!

Congrats- you are now a runner!


That's fantastic Mavis, This programme is amazing isn't it, getting fitter and all that smiling included. Enjoy next week.


awesome effort Mavis really chuffed for ya.

bet the grin is still there this morning, feels great don't it :)

certainly feel the boost we get from sharing on here is a def big +

again well done so was it a slap on the thigh a big shout or just a knowing smugness ( in a very good way) when u finished.

bet the cold one went down well :)


How funny, I actually thought of you and the slap on the thigh when I finished! I didn't go with a slap I was just grinning as I couldn't quite believe that I had completed it, I was even grinning on the way around - Not only running, but smiling and running 'like a fool!'. I think it was knowing that after Laura had said 10 minutes had gone I realised that I was running futher than I ever had.before, 8 minutes was my longest so every step was a step was closer to a new fitter me. I can't believe how briliant it was - my legs were aching all night long and I can still feel it today but I don't mind as it just reminded me of the achievement.

Thanks for the support.

Loving the program and the forum and yes the cold one went down a treat !

So excited about week 6


Congratulations Mavis, you sound like a very happy lady indeed. I was on air after the twenty minutes too.

Enjoy it, then look to the end of next week where you will feel even happier!!



Well done you!

W5r3 is such a rite of passage on this programme and the high when you complete it is awesome.

Betcha never thought it could happen 5 weeks ago and now look at you!

Enjoy the beer, you def deserve it!


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing your fantastic news. You are doing so well and encouraging the rest of us. Thanks so much.


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