Week 5 and the Big 20 I've only gone and done it!

Felt so excited about this run and totally inspired by all the blogs on week 5 and those leading into week 6. Kept the mantra 'mind over matter' but in the first 5 minutes my legs went to lead and I knew I was going to struggle but I kept with it.

Before I knew it was 10 minutes done, I honestly have never run for 10 minutes without stopping in my life. [At school we used to hide in the bushes and smoke fags instead!!]. There was no way I could do another 10 but I kept going and all of sudden it was 15 and as a blogger said before it was only 5 left and I've done 5 before a few times so on I went. Then Laura said 2 minutes and my legs went to lead again but blow me I stuck with it and it was finished.

Completely in shock and have faith in the whole programme - in week 2 I remember thinking I could never run for 5minutes let alone 20, that was just ridiculous and what fit people did. Not people like me I could never do it.

I even don't feel as worn out as I did after some of the other runs, yes I had a bit of cramp at the end and I'm aching now but I actually love it.

This is amazing and I will complete the program - at the moment I feel I could do anything.

Off to celebrate with a cold one !



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    Congratulations! Now there is no stopping you from completing any distance! You've gone from 8mins to 20mins, when a few weeks ago you wouldn't have even wanted to run for 3mins lol.

  • well done! you'll spend the rest of the day and week smiling to yourself and 'casually' dropping it into your conversations!! Isn't it a lovely feeling to know that you can do it? I didn't think i would even run- esp in week 2 when i was panting after yet another feeble attempt at running!!

    Congrats- you are now a runner!

  • That's fantastic Mavis, This programme is amazing isn't it, getting fitter and all that smiling included. Enjoy next week.

  • awesome effort Mavis really chuffed for ya.

    bet the grin is still there this morning, feels great don't it :)

    certainly feel the boost we get from sharing on here is a def big +

    again well done so was it a slap on the thigh a big shout or just a knowing smugness ( in a very good way) when u finished.

    bet the cold one went down well :)

  • How funny, I actually thought of you and the slap on the thigh when I finished! I didn't go with a slap I was just grinning as I couldn't quite believe that I had completed it, I was even grinning on the way around - Not only running, but smiling and running 'like a fool!'. I think it was knowing that after Laura had said 10 minutes had gone I realised that I was running futher than I ever had.before, 8 minutes was my longest so every step was a step was closer to a new fitter me. I can't believe how briliant it was - my legs were aching all night long and I can still feel it today but I don't mind as it just reminded me of the achievement.

    Thanks for the support.

    Loving the program and the forum and yes the cold one went down a treat !

    So excited about week 6

  • Congratulations Mavis, you sound like a very happy lady indeed. I was on air after the twenty minutes too.

    Enjoy it, then look to the end of next week where you will feel even happier!!


  • Well done you!

    W5r3 is such a rite of passage on this programme and the high when you complete it is awesome.

    Betcha never thought it could happen 5 weeks ago and now look at you!

    Enjoy the beer, you def deserve it!

  • Brilliant. Thanks for sharing your fantastic news. You are doing so well and encouraging the rest of us. Thanks so much.

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