Massive fail?

So I have got to week 4, I barely managed wk4 run 1 and started walking during the last 5 minute run. That was Tuesday, i left a bigger break than normal to try to rejuvenate myself for my next run, plus it has been so hot! I got up this morning thinking I would crack it on run 2 but....

I couldn't even do the first 3 minutes run before I fell into walk, I carried on but fell into walk halfway through every run! I feel exhausted and a failure. I know everyone has bad runs, which is what I thought my last run was but this one just beat me. I suddenly feel like I can't run again. My legs just won't let me, my breathing is ok but my body just won't cooperate! My legs feel like lead and the Lactic acid was there from the first steps and I just hit the wall big time.

So demoralised and dreading trying again arghhh!


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  • Don't be disheartened! The heat saps energy and I bet 4 weeks ago you couldn't have have imagined that you would be able to run so far.

  • I won't give up I will just keep trying, maybe I'll go back a week I'm not sure yet 😣

  • Someone said you shouldn't do that but I suppose it what you feel comfortable with.

  • I don't want to as I managed wk 3 despite it being hard, maybe I should just keep doing this run until I can finish it.

  • Stick with week 4. Do run 1 as you didnt quite complete it. Walk at a pace that allows you to recover for the next run. You can do this!

  • I think that's a good idea, also I found I reduced my running speed hugely so that I could finish. Just keep going, keep doing wk 3 & move on when u r ready. You are not a failure! Well done for getting this far!

  • Oh no don't beat yourself up, you kept going by walking, if your anything like me that's progress in itself. Don't look at it as failure just a practice, I did wk4 r1 this week it's a massive leap to run for 16 mins up from 8, I was a wheezing beetroot at the end. Just keep going if you need to stick with week 4 runs for another week do It, it's for you at your pace, your doing great.

  • Thank you pep talk needed lol, was just a massive shock this morning that I felt like my body just stopped allowing me to run even half of what I did a few days ago!

  • Whatever you do, don't give up!! I reckon I'm the World record holder for stopping then re-starting C25K, being now on my fourth attempt to get through the programme. I did my W7R1 this morning, so not too bad this time round, in fact my best try so far. The Graduates here will tell you all the right things to do, I certainly can't as I'm still learning this running stuff. What I can tell you though, is that for me it's at least 75% in my mind, not in my legs. I've started running with a local running club (their beginners!) every Thursday and the Coach there told me off for running when it gets too hot unless it's totally unavoidable, so this morning it was out of bed, into running gear, quick drink of water and out of the door before either it got too hot or I changed my mind. You just wait until the avalanche descends on you in this forum - NO FAILURES, JUST PRACTICE RUNS! How can you be a failure when you got out there running. Well done, off you go again .....

  • Thank you David, yep I need to push through this, it feels like a physical barrier but maybe half of it is a mental barrier

  • For me at least it's WAY WAY more than half a mental barrier. Listen to what Jan-now-runs is telling you. By the way, if you find out how to relax then be sure to let me know how to do it!!

  • Rest up for a couple of days at least. This way you will be looking forward to your run. Make sure you are hydrated and have enough energy (not an empty stomach)

    Start each run section very slowly, its a light jog, keep yourself upright with shoulders down and relaxed. Tell yourself that there is a walking break coming, and you WILL keep running until given permission to walk. Maybe even carry water so can have a sip during the walk break.

    It is just the heat sapping your energy, you are doing the right thing by going out early, but if this doesn't suit you could you try in the evening. Maybe your energy level will be greater then.

    You are not failing...its a blip you are sorting out.

    Good luck sadieja...keep going with W4 until you crack it. Its all good stamina building and a good week.😊

  • First of all well done. Second are you going slow enough? You might have had enough existing stamina to do the minutes 1-3 but part of the going slow is building stamina for the longer ones. (Correct me if I'm wrong, graduates.) also when the podcast says keep going, you can do it, don't stop, it isn't asking you to push yourself beyond what you can achieve. So (again) try slowing down right from the start. Also, hydrate the day before. I found it really useful to try the 'smooth' non-head-bobbing 'visual' aid - as it makes me feel more contained within my limits rather than striving/driven. Think of it as an important learning point? Be nice to yourself and,again, well done.

  • Thanks for the advice guys, I am trying to go as slow as possible, finding the slower I go the more my lower legs feel like they are seizing up! I'm trying to play around with my running technique which is not great, trying to go slow enough to keep going but also get enough movement into my lower legs so I'm not shuffling and getting tight. I ran with compression sleeves in my calfs today and obviously it didn't help one bit lol, onward and upward though hopefully eek x

  • Oh poor you, that sounds rotten. I'd love to know the solution- hopefully someone can shed light

  • Oh poor you, that sounds rotten. I'd love to know the solution- hopefully someone can shed light

  • Just done week 4 run 1 and found it a massive step up. Made it, but only just. A friend of mine who did this a couple of years ago said she did each week twice before moving on. If week 4 continues to be this hard I might have to do the same. But I'm not giving up.

  • I think we can be too hard on ourselves, I haven't had to repeat a single run yet, until now, so it feels dissapointing but I've got to get over the setback and keep on at it. Good luck with your next run!

  • Loads of great advice on here and I am in no a an expert ( only one week ahead of you) but there are a couple of things I'd like to add.

    The first is that every time you push your body, legs, lungs etc to the point you did yesterday, they will react by growing stronger, in case you ask them to do it again 😱. But, most importantly, they do not know whether you did 10%, 30%, 80% or all of your intended run, all they know is that they gave everything they had, full stop. That's why every run is good and no run is a failure πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

    The second thing is, for me at least, logic can be useful in beating the "time to stop" gremlins. Yesterday, I was doing the last run of week five and only a few minutes into the seemingly impossible run segment, I thought, there no way I can do this. Only a few minutes later I was ready to stop, I really really wanted to stop. I was definitely loosing it. I don't know why, but, for the first time I found myself in a real battle. Anyway this is roughly how it went. I want to stop. I don't want to do this anymore. Ok, so you can soon as we have established exactly why so we can go back to the forum and report It and find out how to fix it. ( Yes, I gave myself permission to stop, with conditions attached!). I then set about checking one thing at a time, firstly my lungs ( usually my biggest issue). How's my breathing? Well, it's ok, not wheezing but if it was a bit slower that would be better. Took a few deeper, slower breaths then turned my attention elsewhere. Am I in any sharp pain? No. Am I uncomfortable? Yes. What's making me uncomfortable, well my knees are ok, my feet are a bit sore, maybe 4out of 10. How about my hips? Maybe a 3. Etc etc. In the end, I concluded that what I was feeeling was certainly not terminal and continuing was not going to injur me further. I. Started to think that in our cosy lives these days, we are just not used to being uncomfortable in the way I was then, we look for a way to achieve what we want another way. Well there is no other way this time, if I want to finish this run, this is the way it's going to be. I wont die , I will achieve this and next time it will be easier. As you can imagine, by this time I had done several more minutes of shuffling and I decided that I could do it! And I did!

    I was counting every second of the last minute, I was so desperate to stop, but I got there!

    Good luck, keep at it, keep us posted and don't ever think a run is a failureπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Love it! A week behind you and drinking in every wordπŸ‘

  • Great advice, I definately allowed myself to bail today! I think it's now I'm realising this is tough, really tough for a begginer and it's self doubt creeping in, asking me 'are you sure you wanna do this fatty?' I've just got to crack this run no matter how long it takes

  • I loved reading your description. I am a graduate but I still struggle as I think I probably push myself too hard. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said we don't like things that make us feel uncomfortable and I have had similar conversations in my head, realising it is okay and actually good to be feeling out of my comfort zone. I am stubborn and keep thinking just keep going because as you said, we are physically able. Even when I come to the end of a Parkrun and have to run up and down a steep underpass and then turn around and do the same thing again, which results in my lungs burning and hardly able to draw breath, I am still able to keep going.... and usually can find a little extra as I approach the finish line.

    It really is mind over matter and convincing ourselves that we really can do this. :-)

  • Don't you dare... Don't you give up and don't use the 'f' word. Not ever !

    Lots of reasons why this could have gone pear-shaped. It has been really hot, and muggy and we don't have time to adjust; the air quality is poor and the pollen count high... you could have a little bug hanging around. Any number of reasons.. we all have runs like these.. we do :)

    So..big up... do some simple strength and flex exercises, even some squats to help those legs get going :) Then.. when you get out there... really slow and really slower :)

    Because you say you are slow, and don't want to shuffle... then maybe focus on your style.. lift those feet in a rounded motion, practice landing lightly, kissing the ground with your feet, shake your arms out and your hands...If I feel i am tiring in runs, I nearly always bring C25K and Laura back into my head, with all her running the time I have concentrated on things, I am well on the way!

    You could also, focus on things you see, or give yourself target points, think of silly rhymes, think of all of us with you and willing you on... anything but the time of the run... :)

    Just go for it... slow and steady... we are right there with you x

  • 😁 I feel alot better after a few hours to reflect, I still ran half of it and I'll run it all next time, no big deal, it's better than no run. Thank you so much for the support everyone, rest day tomorrow and then I'll get back on track and report back! Xx

  • All good advice above! I would add, for the walks make sure you walk slow enough to recover ready for the next run. You dont need to power walk, its a recovery walk. Lots of under graduates over look this and feel they really need to pace out for the walks. You dont.

    Good luck runner πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Thank you!

  • Aw Sadie, please cut yourself a bit of slack here and get that head up , Missus ! :-)

    . You have come this far, you can do this, you really can !

    You are definitely not a F ( that word we don't mention :-) ) Please don't worry, we all understand , weve all been there at some point or another . We are all in this together .

    Have a couple of rest days and give it another go . Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • No more 'F' word I promise you all! Going to relax and pamper myself tomorrow and get back to it Monday x

  • Great stuff , enjoy your pampering ! :-) xxx

  • I echo everything said above. Just to reassure you, when I was completing the C25K Intoo had runs which were not as I wanted & in fact I still do.

    No run is a bad run & we definitely never use that F word around here 😊 think of it as a practice run. I used to compose a piece about my run for posting on here when I was out, sing along to the songs on my iPhone, look at the scenery or sky - I did C25K in the winter so ran under starry skies, do whatever gets you through but don't give up, keep going because we are all cheering you and will be there at the finishing line to welcome you to the podium. You CAN do this.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Hey Sadie,

    Well, thank you Lord!

    I have found someone who has explained to the very exact word how I felt last Wednesday after completting my week 1, run 1. You could not have explained it better.

    I ran in this sweltering heat, straight from work about 5.40pm, thought I looked cool (looked hilarious though if you'd seen me, I wore go faster shades, (that's a laugh,lol), and like you see dogs on some of these posts on Facebook hiding their face behind a door, but keep their body showing thinking no one can see them, well, that was me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). I thought I can waddle and bounce down this road and look like I'm a long term runner, lol, but even though I'm not, my shades will hide it all, lol. So off I set.......

    As soon as the 5 minute walk is up, (bearing in mind I could power walk for 45 mins non stop as I did that to walk to my mums a few weeks ago, near killed me mind, lol), but as soon as Laura (is it?) said to begin the 60 second jog, I thought she said 30, I could have coped with that lol, but only 15 seconds in and I felt my upper half weight was just over bearing on my legs and they felt a dead weight, to even lift my feet was hard enough.

    By the time the end of those 60 seconds arrived, I was virtually upper half of body lunged forward as if I was just getting to the end of the finish line. Then I took deep breaths and thanked God it was time for the 90 second walk.

    Yes, I was out of puff, but it's not the breathlessness that bothers me so much, it's the inability to get my lower half to function. My legs seem so unfit. I do the gym twice a week and it's nothing strenuous. I'm on a programme so use nearly all of the equipment, but I only have 45 min due to getting back home and ready for work. I do it in the morning as I'm whacked come 5pm and loathe going then. I've since incorporated two other machines like the leg pulls and strengtheners. This is on alternate days, though I only go on a Tues and Thurs to date.

    I have started cycling since June last year on and off. Left off during the winter as wasn't that keen lol, but started going out around where I live and I really enjoy it. I have two other best friends that go with me when we can all find time off together and the maximum distance we've done altogether in one day is 18 miles. It's not a lot, but from cycling around the park and me whinging "oh my legs are burning, can we stop for a minute", compared to what we've achieved, I'd never have believed it at all, never.

    I know running and cycling are two different sports, but I have the similar burn when starting to run. But with running, I feel the "I can't do this feeling" is more to do with the weight from all if your body as it's your body that we carry normally when walking, but when there's exertion involved with a jog, it's all pressure and weight on your legs and I think it's a learnt process and just a slow process too and like everyone has said, we need to take it slowly. If we have to repeat the same run twice or three times etc, then so be it.

    Come on, we can do it. Wish I could run with you, I could do with a friend for running, none of mine like running, but a colleague does runs for charities, 5k and 10k and has joined me up for the St Havans Rainbow run in July in Bryn Bach Park,Tredegar. God help me is all I can say πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚But as she said, people can walk, jog, take kids in pushchairs or take their dogs, so it's all quite light hearted, but fun. We'll soon see, lol.

    I've also started cycling around the block where I live and 2 laps round is 2 miles. I managed 4 miles a couple of weeks ago, with just a 2 minute break and I was quicker on the 4 laps than I was on the 2 when I first started it.

    So I try and think back to these little moments of achievement and think well, I just need to work a bit harder with my legs, others achieve it, so why can't I?

    I have relatively raised blood pressure and type 2 Diabetes, though it's improved since reducing carbs and my weight is dropping slowly, despite the additional exercise πŸ™„ I'm only 5'4" and if I can shift another 2Ib, I'll be 12:13. I don't mind saying what my statistics are, lol, but I know I need to reduce my BMI further and shift another 2-3 stone for my height. But I'm thankful now that I can fit into 14-16 gym clothing (a tad snug on the ole hips with some things lol), but I am able to do it. I've heard that running is good for weight loss, so I thought right, let's get in there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I wish you luck lovely, I could feel the strain and pain in your message and it all hit home as to how I felt the same way. Keep posting on here, I'm becoming familiar with people's names and to be fair, everyone seems lovely and so supportive. I love it that we can all be friends and maybe one day meet up in real life because, goodness me, we all need a friend in this life x 😊

    Gosh, sorry to bore you all to death, lol.

  • Lol thank you for the reply! This is where I can be positive though as I felt the same on week 1 but here I am at week 4! I actually have far better lower body strength than upper, I have a horse so years of riding have given me thighs of steel πŸ˜‚, however this hasn't translated to running! It's almost like I have more muscle to ache and seize up lol. Plus like you say I can power walk with no issues for what feels like forever, it's the actual jog movement which causes almost an instant no from my legs! But here we are we are doing it and we WILL do it!!!! Everyone is so lovely and supportive here, we're in it together xx

  • Hi, just read the last couple of posts and in my experience the warm up walk, recovery walks and warm down walks are not power walks...

    The warm up walk should be just a little more controlled than your normal walk pace. Not a dawdle but, think about taking deeper breaths and stride positively. Think about getting ready to break into the running motion. A gentle jog.

    The recovery walks you can puff and blow, hands on hips, but just keep moving, walking slowly while you get your breath back...

    The warm down walk should be done with a big smile and just keep moving as you recover and unwind, gently moving forward and as you feel better keep a regular pace. Fist pump an option.😊

    Gentle leg stretches can be done after your warm down walk.

    Hope this is helpful.😊xx

  • The weather got me as well i was week 6run. 1 gave up after 2mins legs like concrete tried again after a rest the same so just going to walk and start when cooler so your not a failure i felt like that till i came on this site i have struggled before and got back to the programme couch to five k is more about stamaner take it back a week if that is difficult take back 2 it dosent matter its a programne designed to be taken at your own pace welk done for trying in this heat

  • Thanks, I realise it's such a bad mistake to see it as failure as it sets you up to quit and gives you an excuse to quit! No shame in a bad run, here's to a better run tomorrow πŸ˜€

  • It took me 2 months to get past week 2 when I did the plan last year , and I still have no idea why !! I had a fall and couldn't run for six months , I've started the plan again and I'm now on wk5 , doing run 2 tommorow . I've managed ok this time . I never saw not completing a run as a fail , just that my body wasn't ready , I knew I'd get there eventually and I did ❀️

  • Well done Rachel that's brilliant! Xx

  • UPDATE: morning guys! I've just been running again, I did my first 3 mins, then 5 mins then 3 mins but only managed 1 minute of the last 5. I'm not beating myself up about it at all, I got out there and managed 12 minutes total which is an improvement on last week. My breathing is fine it's purely lower leg issues, so I need to build stamina. What I might do is split my run into 4 3 minute runs and try to add 30 seconds on 2 of the runs each time! Thanks for all your support, I'm glad I've got back out there, and not given up!!! Xx

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