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Oh nearly there :-0

Well after my last blog saying I was going to redo w8 as I messed it up pretty badly, I went out and got to 28 mins, all was well so carried on to 30 mins, thinking 'ok ill just go onto w9 as planned then' got to 30 mins and was ok so carried on to 5k. So pleased with myself after the disappointment of w8, but I wasn't counting my chickens.

I didn't want to jinx myself so went out today thinking ill just get to 28 again and see how I feel' it came and I carried on!! Again 30 mins done and I was ok, so on I went to 5k.

I can't believe I've gone from just not being able to complete to going above and beyond to 5k, something has just 'happened'

On Saturday ill be doing my final 'graduation' run with the canicrossers (people who run with their dogs) I can't think of a better way to Finnish. Then on Sunday the 5x50 challenge starts, I can't wait :-)

Thank you, thank you and thanx again to everyone who has helped me limp through this program, there was many a time I thought I was going to give it all up but reading your blogs and your kind encouraging messages I blooming well did it, well nearly. In my first ever blog I said I've quit everything weight watchers, dukan diet, going to the gym, all binned, but I've kept up with this and really enjoyed it, and will certainly be continuing (well I have got 5x50 to keep me going)

This is a fantastic group who's helped this once miserable person enormously xxxxxxxx

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Well I wasn't going to read any more, should have gone to bed - but I'm so glad I did peek at this one! What a lovely cheery blog! A final doggy run sounds like a really wonderful way to graduate. May you have a very good time with it! :)


Xxx thank you xx looking forward to that green badge :-)


Well done you! 5x50 coming up, enjoy your grad run :)


Xx thanx xx


That's great Souki having two back to back good runs! Well done you! :) Looking forward to reading your graduation blog. Hope it goes really well for you and it proves to be your third consecutive great run!

So, 45 challengers now for our 5x 50 team.....bring it on!!

Sue x


Thanx sue :-) 45 that's brill are we one of the larger groups with that amount?


We are joint third with weight watchers!!


Well done! Lovely blog, and great to have two good runs going into your graduation run; hope you enjoy that with the doggies! :-)

Looking forward to the 5x50; getting my bike back from daughters shed, and son is setting up my DVD to work (I haven't done it since I bought new TV last June!) just in case the weather gets too wet for outside stuff one day (Jillian's 30 day shred at the ready!) :-)


I like the 'son is setting up my DVD to work' - I've got a wii fit that I used a while back to start doing little bits of exercise (it did work - it got me started) but haven't used in ages - and I can get the handset to work - grr. And the only person in the family likely to figure it out is my daughter who lives away... So I'll just have to go up and down stairs if it's wet. Or maybe I'll have another go today. For some reason it isn't recharging in the holster thing. Any bright ideas out there?! :)


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