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W9R2...nearly there!

Another beautiful sunny morning again in Devon, can't quite believe the finish line is so close! Had a good run this morning, I sped up on some of the 'easier' parts so thought I had run further than I did, tad disappointed to see it was actually the same as w9r1. I'm hitting around 3.7km in the 30mins, (4.5 with the walks) but not going to beat myself up too much as I'm still so pleased that not only am I running for 30 mins without stopping but actually feel OK in parts to up the pace a little. Once I've graduated I'm going to try doing 5k to see what time I get (and if I can do it!) but for now really excited that I'm nearly there 😊

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Well done only 1 more to go good luck with it.


Well done! I am hopefully doing W9R2 tomorrow. You say you are hitting 3.7 Km in 30 minutes, that is exactly what I am doing! Like you, I am planning on trying 5Km after I graduate (hopefully on Friday, fingers and everything else crossed). Good luck with your Graduation run!


Woo woo.. anther graduation c25k'r here. Next run for me to :) and running roughly same as you... not much over 3k in the 30 minutes..

I may try and slow right down on the grad run and see if I can find it in me to reach the 5k .. doubt it.. lol full of good intentions till the struggle ahead :)

Good luck Lou and Stecal... see you both at the finish line :)


Meant lou and bundoodle!!!


Brilliant - I'm same as you Week 9 Run 2 done today - I'm only managing 3k in 30min but am happy I'm running so all good :) Good luck with graduation run.

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