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Graduation Week Run 1

I finished the first run yesterday and what can I say. I DID IT. I started out slower, just to make sure I will finish the 30 minutes and will not be to overwhelmed with the extra 2 min. I remember coming from week 7 to week 8 those extra 3 minutes just made it feel like an extra 20 minutes. So I might did not achieve the 5k, but the important thing is that I was running for 30 minutes without stopping. A few weeks ago I did not even believe that it would be possible. Tomorrow I will go out for the second run, so Sunday will be my Graduation, I am actually planning on running the 5k, even if it will take me longer then 30 minutes. Since I signed up for the 50x5 it would be a great start to graduate this program.

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Well done you! Good luck for to the next two runs. Can't imagine I'll ever get there but I'm keeping the faith in Laura x


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