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Week 8 Run 1

Just got back from my run. I am usually enjoying the runs in the morning but did not manage to do so today. So before I was thinking what to make for dinner tonight, I choose to take a run, it would give me 28 min of thinking what to have to eat tonight :-)

I really have to say running in the evening is not as bad as I thought, I just think I get my butt out in the mornings better then in the evenings.

The run was alright, I had better ones but I also had worst. I thought it was funny how long those extra 3 min can feel. When I read before the run that its only 3 more minutes then the previous run, I figured it should be easy as the last three. It seemed like forever and as soon Laura said I can start the cool down walk I wanted to just drop and lay in the middle of the woods.

Well I managed the cool down walk and made it back home to make and have dinner. Hopefully my next run will be better, well hopefully the extra 3 minutes will not feel this long again!!!!

Can't believe it will only be 5 more runs before finishing the program.

What will I do after that....feels scary.

Happy running everybody

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Your body is used to being put through the stress of a run first thing in a morning so very well done on completing your run this afternoon. I find it much harder to run afternoons/evenings.


It's funny how everyone is so different, I really could not imagine running in the morning, I'm such a slouch first thing I need about 6 cups of tea and at least 2 hrs before I'm human!!

When I first started I ran at night to hide mainly, now I go after nursery drop off, more to look at in daylight. Whatever works I guess :-)

I'm on w8r2 today found it very hard, here's hoping the rest goes well,

Good luck x


I actually enjoy the morning runs, wakes me up much quicker then my usual cups of coffee. Still need my coffee, its usually done when I come back home from the run. I tried once to have it before the run, but it did not work out to well, not to many bathrooms to be found in the woods here, and I am not one of those who enjoys the bathroom outdoors :-) I actually prefer being out there in the day light, since I do most of my runs in the woods, and since I am almost completely night blind I be better off to run with the sun up. I was hoping you would tell me round 2 would be easier, but we already can see the end of the program. Looking forward to read how your round 3 went, hopefully it will be less hard.

Enjoy the runs.


I struggled with week 8 as well, it seemed so out of proportionally harder than week 7! Only 3 extra minutes, but the 25 leading up to those 3 were also harder. I changed my route for week 9 and sailed through though!

So have fun on these final Laura runs, soon you'll have a shiny green badge.....


Thanks Beads, looking forward receiving that shiny green badge. It has been hard work and everybody finishing it should be happy and proud to have it next to his or her name :-) I actually change my route every week, it feels wrong to me after a few runs to take the same route, since I usually know what time I reached a certain point in the last runs, so I concentrate to much on the distance rather then the time to run. Hopefully soon enough I can say I have done it, it has been the best program, never thought I would actually be able to finish it.


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