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Next big step. W4


I've just finished W3R3,and due to start week 4 at the weekend. Most posts I've read are concerned about week 5 (as am I), but I'm also a bit concerned about W4. I manage the 3 min runs OK, but 5 minutes seems a long time! Not helped by the fact I've chosen the coldest March for 50 years to start running!! I've changed my route during the recent high winds so that I run against the wind (and horizontal sleet/snow) at the start, and have it behind me on the way back. That's helped a bit.

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No worries! If you have completed every run so far, no matter how difficult, you are ready to move on! You may just surprise yourself in that the 5 minute runs really don't seem much longer then the 3 minute runs. :-) Go slow, try to relax and good luck! :-) Gayle


Good idea to get the worst part (wind) over at the beginning. ;-)

No need to worry though, the C25K plan ensures that you'll do the 5 minute runs with ease. Check out some of the other W4 blogs (( to boost your confidence.

You deserve a medal already for persevering outdoors in the coldest March for half a century!!!


I am with you in spirit my friend. Heading for the gym treadmill tonight for week 4 run 1- we can do it!!! (I think)..... :) x x

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