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Since my last post I didn't grow in week number. I had a numb foot problem. In addition to feet numbness thigh pain appeared.

Since then I've bought new trainers, which are of a bigger size and made for runners. I also stepped back a bit - skipped last 5 minutes run for a couple of runs. Looks like due to this actions, both numbness and thigh pain seems to start fading away.

Today I ran the full W4 run, and there was almost no numbness. Seems, I'm back on track!

And - without special efforts - I run faster now according to Runtastic app.

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  • Great news Dmitry. Glad you seem to have solved the issue of your foot numbness. Well done on your run too :)

  • Glad you have sorted out your numbness, and that youre back on track !

    Well done on your run

    Keep going and keep posting ! :-) xxx

  • very sensible, don't forget your feet swell when you run so don't lace up too tight...a mistake I have made too!!

  • Good news! Glad you seem to have sorted out your numbness and pain. Hope you continue to feel better :-)

  • I had numb foot problem but slackened laces sorted that out for me.

  • It's great you sorted it that easy! I'm still having that issue, not that bad though.

  • Hope you find the problem. I meant my comment as a suggestion for you to check your laces too, simple but it worked. I'd say my shoe was a little too slack at first. I asked at the gym and they told me not to worry as long as the feeling comes back when stopping. I believe it can be to do with muscle swelling and so ice helps maybe ibuprofen? I'm only novice myself so picking up info as I go along.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, my issue seems to be due to sciatic nerve. It slightly goes away with my fitness growing.

    It's great that yours is just laces :-)

    Good luck on your way to 5k and keep posting!

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