I think I've lost my mojo. :-( Week 7

I don't know whats happened to me but I just cannot seem to do the 25 minute run. This is the second time I've tried it, I made it a wee bit further in distance but less time. Didn't help that my iphone jumped out of my pocket and wrapped its self around my leg, and that did it for me! I've lost my mojo and want it back. I did it on the last run of week 6 so why can't I do it now? I feel quite deflated now and a little tearful, If I'm honest it wouldn't take a lot to send me blubbing. :-(


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21 Replies

  • Have some hugs and a good old cry! Then pick yourself up again. :) Your mojo is not lost, it is just in hiding for a bit! I had a horrible run last week, where technology let me down at the point where I was finding things tough (my garmin switched itself off) - and I stopped too, at only something like 12 minutes in. I know it seems ridiculous that something so small could stop us, but when you're pushing yourself near to your limits, it doesn't take much to knock us over!

    The fact that you'd done more distance means you were going faster, and that nearly always makes it harder. I found some of the week 7 and 8 runs pretty hard going, maybe because I was trying to speed up. Slow and steady... slow and steady. :)

  • As you well know, we all have bad runs and good runs. I remember the later weeks had me concerned because I was still struggling and not seeing/feeling the increased improvement from run to run I experienced the earlier weeks. Your body is still being challenged and will continue to be challenged well after C25K. When you get down, look back at how far you have came. Attempt the next run with an "I can do it" attitude and toss the self doubt to the side. :-) Gayle

  • Right! Time to pull your socks up and stop moaning caz. You have not lost your mojo (whatever that is...) , you've just mislaid whatever that darned thing is. As the Beatles once wisely said (Hey Jude) "The movement you need is on your shoulder", so brush this "lost mojo" gremlin off and stick a happy smiling face there. Your legs, mind, lungs and all the rest of you are fine.

    We're roughly at the same point and I need you as my running buddy and competition! ;-)

    Just checked out this mojo thing: an amulet, charm, spell...? YOU DON'T NEED THAT... draw on your own strengths, the ones you were born with and those you have been busy building up over the course of the last 6 weeks. Read some of your past very good advice to others.

    Don't put any extra pressure on yourself, whatever you do. Take it easy, as it comes. So you didn't make it today... no big deal. That was my attitude this morning, a niggling voice telling me that after 6 days in bed I was mad to think I could do 25 minutes (especially since it was such a slog last time). It worked! I just enjoyed the here and now, without worrying whether I would make it or not.

  • Did you complete your run? :-)

  • Yep, no problem. Even managed to up the speed a bit at the end, as Laura suggested.

    Found it so much easier than W6R3, but perhaps it was the rest between-times that helped. That and the fact that I was not desperate to complete it... I just ran and my mind was almost suspended, a bit like observing my body from afar, going back over past runs, noticing the difference as I passed each "personal milestone" along the way. You know the kind of thing... that bridge, that incline, that corner, that tree, that lamppost... Struggled to reach them in the past as I finished the first minute, the second, the third... What a difference now. Surely you must feel the same! :-)

  • Well done, I am pleased you managed to complete the run. :-)

    That is how I felt until I hit this wall. lol

  • Ooooh, the dreaded Week 7. My nemesis! I bet next time you'll be just fine! And...it took me 3 runs to complete W7R1, 5 in total. You're doing absolutely brilliant. Try not to think about the time you're running and daydream....do another route....try some different music rather than the podcast? Whatever, dont overanalyse it. I went out last night to do the 3rd post grad run and gave up after 23 mins. After my euphoria of the last run, I didnt mind, because I am used to the bad and the good ones now and no matter what they are like I always tell myself that a bad run is still better than sitting on my big fat behind! Look how far you have come and remember all those runs when you came back and felt just fabulous. You WILL get there again. Sending big cuddles your way - Karen

  • Don't panic! I know it's a hateful feeling, but honestly, there are so many things that contribute to us having a 'good' run or being able to 'do' the next run, it's no surprise at all when things don't go as well as we would like them to.

    Take it slower, and just go run. Never mind about week numbers. They really don't matter - what matters is that you still get out there and run. Put different music on, or try a different route, or go try a dreadmill if you normally run outside. Try something different. Just go and do 10 minutes. Walk for a bit, and do another 10 minutes. It really, truly, honestly doesn't matter.

    Can you look back to your first blog, or your first run? See how far you have come - literally? See how marvellous you are? Have a cry, have a large glass of something, eat a big bar of chocolate, wash your running kit and try again in a couple of days. And let us know how you do - you know we're all cheering you on :)

  • Temporary lack of mojo is awful because you feel like you don't know when/if it will come back- I know, I've just been through it and I'm sure you made a nice comment on my blog post about it ;)

    Hang in there, maybe just forget about which week you are on next time and just go for a run, for no reason other than you like running. If you listen to your own music, bung some new tunes on your play list. Maybe try a different route or a different time of day for a bit of variety. If there's a country park near you, try going there for some nice scenery.

    Sending some of my re-discovered mojo your way and hope you have a great run over the weekend :)

  • You know what you lot really are wonderful. Thank you so much. You actually all have bought tears to my eyes now but I am smiling. :-) I know have come a long way and 18minutes is still pretty damn good. And yes I am at least out there trying and giving it a go. Thank you so much for the advice and the hugs. :-) I know I need to slow down when I start off I think that really is my downfall. Someone also asked me what time I go out and when I think back the the last run of week6 I went out Sunday morning and I finished it (25 mins) the last two runs I have gone in the afternoon. So maybe I will try again Saturday morning ans see how it goes. :-)

  • It'll come. Try not to make it a big thing in your head. I just stopped at 10 mins this morning, having done 35 mins 2 days ago. Tried to kid myself I was starting bridge to 10k with 10 min runs and a walk between but didn't even do enough of those in the end. Somedays it's just not right.

  • Its so good to know other people experience the same feelings. I've only just joined this site even though I'm on week 7 of C25k. I have been struggling too but after reading all the positive comments you have been leaving to help caz1_ca I feel much better. Thankyou! Just wish it wasn't soo cold, roll on better weather!

  • I wish it wasn't so cold too. LOL

  • Welcome too, hollcat - glad it's cheered you too! Oh, for a bit of sunshine! Even sitting in my kitchen my toes are frozen!

    Keep running everyone, however far you may or may not get, it's probably more than you could do a couple of months ago. :)

  • All I can do is repeat what everyone has said, so here goes.

    Week 7 and you ran 18 times the distance of 6 weeks ago...well done

    Sssssssllllllllllloooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww down you'll make it next time.

    Think how far you've come, as a friend told me, speed comes later get some miles in your legs before speeding up. :D

  • Och, go out and do it.

    Avoid hills.

    You might not like the idea of doing it, but doing it is better than not doing it.

  • Thanks everyone, you give out the best advice. :-) I will try ever so hard to slow it down and I will try it again on Saturday, and I will keep trying until I do it.

    Happy jogging all. :-)

  • Look forward to reading one of your usual upbeat blogs on Sunday! ;-)

    I (and I expect many others) will be willing you on, never fear.

  • Thank you. :-)

  • Caz, just wanted to say 'big hugs' honey and wish you luck for Saturday. Can't add any more to all the above advice except to say that you CAN do it and it really doesn't matter how long it takes xxx

  • Thanks. I know that what I keep telling everyone, it's not race. LOL I'm just going to go tomorrow morning and see how long I can go. :-)

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