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Graduated but lost my mojo!

Well, been a while since I posted here - mainly because I haven't been running much. Straight after I graduated (still haven't got my badge, maybe I don't deserve it?!) I went into a super-busy period at work followed by my husband being hospitalised for 2 weeks so running went out of the window.

Things are more 'normal' now and I've started at the beginning again to try and get my speed up but it's sooo hard. Much much harder than when I did it the first time round! Why is that I wonder?

I last ran a couple of days ago - week 3, run 2 and will do week 3 run 3 tomorrow, but I'm finding it a real struggle.

Anyone else encountered this or is it just me?

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I had a similar thing last September with my grandmother being in hospital seriously ill and all things go in work, that running took a back seat. I tried running too or from the hospital to keep it in my routine, but to be honest I think I was just exhausted come the end of it all. She was in hospital for a couple of months and then had to move into a nursing home, but even if it is a couple of weeks and work is busy all those trips to the hospital can take it out of you.

Have you had any you time? I ended up taking the whole month of December off from running...not completely by choice, but it was partially a concious decision and things are busy enough at that time of year. Even though I had only ran once or twice a week before which didn't feel like much compared to what I had been doing before (each run was also a real struggle), a break gave me a fresh start.

Maybe a week or half a week off just to 'rest' if you are struggling and then get back to it. You've done it before so there's no reason why you can't do it again :)


Thanks - suspect you might be right. I've been juggling work, childcare and a sick husband and I think it may have worn me down a bit. I fall into bed exhausted every night, sleep like a log and wake up tired so I think a holiday is in order. I'm also quite hard on myself about not running - feeling guilty about not doing it so it's become a chore rather than something I look forward to. And of course the endless rain doesn't help!

I'll take your advice, give myself a break and then start again :-)


A guilt free break!!!


Anyone who finishes all the podcasts deserves a graduate badge!

I lost my Nana during the podcasts and then two close friends shortly after, and I struggld to keep going with the running BUT looking back I now see that it actually helped me and at least keeping it all ticking over has meant that now I am ready to push myself a bit harder ..18 months later.

So, I recommend that you download your favourite music and just go out for a light 10-15 jog and listen to it a couple of times a week. It'll help you de-stress and will keep your fitness up. Taking care of yourself needs to be top of your list :)


I agree with tjflute. take it easy & dont put too much pressure on yourself. Ive just had a month off due to a house move & life taking over & even though I could run for an hour before the break, just managing 10mins in one hit took its toll. I gradually built back up & am now back to 30mins, but this has taken 4 or 5 weeks & lots of determination from me.

I found listening to laura for week 9 got me over the 20min barrier, once I was back up there. but had been using my own music.

you will get there. you did it before so you "know" you "can" do it. good luck x


Thank you all for your lovely, supportive comments. This is such a lovely forum, really helps knowing that others are out there trying, struggling and succeeding!

And I've got my graduate badge now too - whoo hoo (thank you mr admin!).

I will take all your advice on board and hopefully my mojo will resurface :-)


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