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Still running on!

Hi, not been around for a while...but don't worry; I am still getting out there! I stopped for a month from 7 Dec-6 Jan owing to a bad cold and then being away to the Canaries for Xmas and NY. I did run while I was there, but it was only about 1 mile barefoot along the beach on Xmas Day! I was quite amazed after 11 days all inclusive (and oh yes, I made the most of that!) that I only managed to gain 3 pounds!

Since then I've been getting out 2-3 times a week and using the fitness suite at school (which we get for free so that's great!), but have just got back out again twice this week since a 10 day break with another flipping cold and also, the fact that it's been freezing outside for what seems like weeks! Anyway, I got out on Sunday and did 7 miles and again tonight and did 4.25 and at a fairly decent pace, 6.7mph so the speed hasn't totally gone with the lay off.

It can be hard to get yourself out there when it's only 1-2c which it was tonight but I am determined not to lose the fitness I've spent a year and a half building up.

What has everyone else been up to??


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Wow! You have been busy! :-) The all inclusive sounds wonderful! They probably would of had to roll me out! ;-) You are doing fantastic in sticking to a routine and it looks like you are racking up some impressive distances! :-) Gayle


It's good to see you back again :) I'm really impressed with your distances and your speed - keep it up! Oh, and how wonderful to run barefoot along a beach on Christmas Day - I'm very envious :)


Love the sound of that barefoot run. :-) Your speed/pace/distance sound great, I totally agree it's hard getting out this time of year (which feels like mid-winter) but like you I press on in the hope of better weather.


Hi Carol nice to see you back and still getting good times too. I was in Gran Canaria AI Christmas and N Y not good for the weight but nice otherwise. I'm nursing an ankle injury just now so haven't been able to run for 2 weeks its driving me crackers, got the physio tomorrow so fingers crossed I get the go ahead to start running again. At least the better weather should be with us soon (hopefully) then all will seem so much easier for us runners.


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