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Going backwards looking forwards

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I have been somewhat silent of late... As some of you know I was struggling with week 7, the 25 min runs.

I can come up with a while bunch of excuses... It's cold, I'm not feeling great, it's windy, I didn't sleep well... But generally I just started to lose heart at my constant inability to complete these runs... Gremlins emerged and became demons...

So I decided - against some advice of not going back - to revisit week 5 and get a feeling of success back.

I did w5 run 1 easily with extra running in the walking stages and felt happy. Since then I have done w5 run 2 three or four times. I still find this a challenge but can complete it.

Although I am potentially a bit stuck, I'm pleased that I am getting out there and haven't given up altogether... which was so tempting!

The plan now being that once I've built my strength and confidence up a bit, I will move onwards and upwards.

So, the T0rtoise is still plodding - albeit a bit more slowly n steadily than I'd like :)

Well done to all you people who have managed to complete week 7 and above. I am in awe!


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Well done for staying with it! Sounds like a good plan to me, It'll keep you going & getting out.. Move on when your ready..😀

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T0rtoise in reply to davelinks

Thankyou. It's good to have someone approve my plan :)


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davelinksGraduate in reply to T0rtoise

I know how you feel about the weather, it's cold & nasty! Uninspiring!

I'm not really looking forward to Parkrun tomorrow if weathers bad, but at least It'll wake me up. Think there's a window for a few hours that the sun will be out where I am for Parkrun...😀

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T0rtoise in reply to davelinks

Good luck! My OH is doing his 100th park run tomorrow so I'm hoping for nice weather for him too. Wet n windy right now. Yikes!

AncientMum profile image

I think you've made exactly the right choice, to go back to an earlier week to rebuild your confidence. I know it's a heresy, but why not leave lovely Laura at home and try a run listening to your own music, or maybe even an audiobook. You may find that running to your own tracks may be just the lift you need to see you through to the end of w7. Good luck :)

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T0rtoise in reply to AncientMum

You mean sneak out without Laura knowing... Shhhh! I'll give it a go, but promise not to tell her!

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Hi Tortoise ,

Well done to you for getting back in the saddle and getting out there .

It doesn't matter if youre plodding, shuffling or whatever, youre giving it a go and moving and that's the main thing !

You will get there , just keep at it , slow and steady wins the game .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

T0rtoise profile image
T0rtoise in reply to poppypug

Aww thanks! Yep I feel pleased that I'm still making it out the door at least - and running (a lot) further than I used to be able to :D

A TOrtoise in a saddle... Hmmmm.. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong...

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poppypugGraduate in reply to T0rtoise

Ha ha ! Very good , I like it ! :-) xxx

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Hey who cares! You are out there running, getting way more exercise than you used to. There is nothing sacred about non stop running or indeed 30 minute runs. Stick at it and enjoy!

T0rtoise profile image
T0rtoise in reply to Ullyrunner

Thankyou. Yes much fitter than I used to be! I'll just keep at my plodding... :D

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I think that's a fine plan. Also, if you like the run-walk intervals you could always go rogue from the program and just keep increasing the running vs walking time but still have breaks. Or add additional running intervals on to the end. Depends what your goal is, but I'm partial to walking with my running lately.

ShannieP profile image

Well done on keeping going.

It's your plan so do what you are happy with....if that means staying on W5 then that's what you have to do.

Congratulations and good luck for the next run 🏃🌟🏃

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