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Not running is SO frustrating !

I've had hip pain on and off for weeks now. I've been managing my runs ok, especially if I avoid pavements and hard surfaces, but then hobbling around the next day. At first I thought perhaps I'd trapped a nerve as I would sometime get a shooting pain all down my leg but then other times the pain was just in my hip. After having to abort a planned long run last Saturday, on Monday I decided the only thing to do was splash out some cash I didn't really have and go and see a sports physio. It was £30 well spent - I've got a diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis and an exercise plan. She said I should try running just a mile and slowly build up from there but I've given the running a miss for a week and just tried to do the exercises every day. They're surprisingly intense but my hip seems to be improving, although it is hard to tell until I actually run.

I'd hoped to try a run yesterday but woke up with a horrible sore throat on Friday and now I'm coughing and sneezing and don't feel up to doing anything. I'm feel really grouchy and grumpy after almost two weeks of not running.

I'm worried about building up my running for the BUPA Birmingham half on 21 October. Even if I feel up to running tomorrow, which seems unlikely, I've got to build up from running a mile to (attempting to) run 13 miles, over a period of a month !! I've got it in mind that if I can manage a comfortable 1 mile in the morning, I could try another comfortable 1-2 miles in the evening and build up from there. Over two weeks, I shouldn't have lost so much fitness that I can't manage that and it should be a gentle enough re-introduction for my hip. I know I'll have to walk some of the half-marathon but I'd like to be able to run more than walk. I should be fine using a cross-trainer as well, as it is only usually the actual impact that hurts, so I was planning to try the Speed and Stamina podcasts on that in the hope that it will increase my fitness without putting any extra stress on my hip. I'd like to try cycling to work a couple of days a week (8 miles each way) - again, I was hoping to try it out this weekend but I feel far too rough - it's very frustrating.

I wondered if anyone else has any experience of this condition and, if so, how long did you take to recover ?

Also, has anyone tried wearing compression shorts ? I've read they can help with this condition and was contemplating getting some to wear while doing the half-marathon for a bit of extra support.

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Definitely £30 well spent! Hope it recovers soon.

I really know what you mean about being grouchy and grumpy with not running; I was incredibly down when I couldn't run with my injury. Luckily I'm running again now, although the leg is still not right, but at least it makes my mood better!

I'm not sure that running a half marathon woud be a good idea so soon? I wouldn't want it to put back your recovery.


I'll be seeing the physio in another week's time so she can assess whether my shoes are suitable or whether I need to keep my mileage down. I'm wondering about a proper run-walk plan for the half marathon ie rather than wait until I need to walk, plan to run two minutes, walk one minute from the start but I'll just have to wait and see...........


I can only imagine how frustrating it is. I get quite unbearable if I have a heavy week at work and just miss a couple. Touch wood I have not had an injury take me out yet, though I am sure the day will come.

Sorry no words of wisdom just understanding and a virtual cuppa! Sugar with that?


No sugar, thank you. I'm having a teaspoonful of honey in my tea at the moment to sooth my sore throat.........

Thanks for the understanding !



Hi there,

I know how frustrating it is for you as I have the same pain. I was doing some running with the pain and after a few minutes it would go away once I started but I would be limping for a few days afterwards. However at the start of last week I started off on my run but the pain got too bad and had to limp back to the car after 5 mins and have not ran since.

I had to miss my last 5k run last Friday in a series of three at our local club who did the couch to 5k program and I was annoyed I could not be there for it.

The hip seems to be getting better since I stopped but must book an appointment with a physio to get some proper exercise plan to strengthen it.

It's amazing though I started this program about 13 weeks ago, from a zero fitness level to running 5K in a race in 27.38 minutes and I am actually missing not going out for a run now. In fact its bugging me a lot now.

Anyway hopefully you will have a fast recovery and get out again.


I think I'll try a short run as soon as my cough and sore throat have gone.

Hope you are feeling better soon too - physio is well worth a visit.


I had a similar experience a few weeks into the C25K. I'd be absolutely fine running, but soon after, my hip would go stiff and I'd be hobbling for a few days. I'd even hobble on the 5minute warm up but then a minute or so into my run and the pain would go.

This lasted probably 3 weeks or so. I then took nearly a week off for rest which helped and then it disappeared as quickly as it appeared and I've not felt it since.

But it's definitely worth getting it checked out!


Thanks for that, I can hope that the rest will be beneficial :-)


hi I'm off running at the mo as i have sacroilitiis .... inflamation in the scaral joint like you i'm going mad hate not running I've had two days of complete rest and it seems tobe recovering give a few more days and i intend to be back in the gym I was on W8R1 so will go back to W7R3 and have a very gentle jog like you i have niggles when running but agony when i stop for a couple of days which has been going on for weeks - now had two weeks of so hope it's now recovered. Compression socks i swear by them I actually brought flight socks which are cheaper and also use TED stockings from an operation they prevent calf strains and i wouldn't run without them ...good luck x


The cough/cold is making me rest for longer than I planned and that is probably a good thing ! I think I will invest in some compression shorts as a precaution. Thanks :-)


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