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I'm so excited!

Finally, after going down with a virus and reacting strongly to light therapy, I think I'm finally fit enough to get back out there tonight!

I had got to the end of Week 2 (and done R3 twice already) but think I'll do R3 again tonight just to get me back into it. If that goes alright, I'll have a go at W3 on Friday.

I can't wait! (And the Pointer Sisters will be in my head all afteroon now until I wake up Laura :D )

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oohhhhhhh fantastic news that you're back and good luck for tonights run!!

wise words said to me which I pass on to you - "no pressure" ....

let us know how you get on

ali :-)


Awesome! Glad you're feeling better and wishing you a fantastic run! :-) Gayle


Brilliant stuff Pam! :) Nice and easy does it remember!



Glad you are feeling better and want o get back out there :-)


Hope it goes/went well. :)


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