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I'm so excited I have just run week 9 run 2

I don't think that I can quite believe that I have just run week9 run 2. The snow is quite deep round by me so I have found the run quite difficult. I'm also running with spikes on my shoes. I'm disappointed with the distance that I'm running and blaming the snow/spikes. I'm looking forward to running without both just to check that they are slowing me down. Anyway, it would be fair to say that I'm dead chuffed :-)

I think that I'll save week 9 run 3 until Thursday - my 55th birthday :-)

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Well done Mojo. I will be willing you on this Thursday.


Don't be disappointed with the distance - be proud you got out and did it in the snow! Snow-running counts for more than ordinary running, at least my experience of it was that it was *much* harder in deepish snow, and the spikes must take even more effort. You'll probably surprise yourself when you get back to ordinary runs.

Enjoy your birthday and that green badge!


What a fabulous birthday present that will make! Enjoy and have a very happy birthday :-)



Fingers crossed for some fine weather for your birthday then. What a great present to yourself.


Thank you everyone - fingers crossed :-)


How fabulous, well done. The fact you are out there at all in this weather should be applauded so 'pah' to speed and distance :-)

Enjoy your graduation run and your birthday


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