Really?! Do I have to?

Really tired n grouchy tonight and quite frankly I could not be a**sed with running W1 R3 tonight...and I'm still tired n grouchy after running W1 R3... So bravo to snap out of being a grouch ☺...when you've done 2/3rds of it you may as well finish it huh.


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28 Replies

  • Exactly! Squash those gremlins & onwards & upwards:).

    You'll never regret going out for your run (injuries avoided) but you would regret missing the chance to complete a week, build your fitness etc etc 😀

  • You're right of course but gotta say this has been H A R D this week....all all you lovely people give me a boost so bring on Week 2 😲 😁

  • You'll feel much less grouchy when you've done it!

  • Did it now pulling myself together and cheering the blinking heck up 😁 Thank you for your gee up. Hope you're doing good with your running 🏃

  • Getting out the door really is the hardest bit. This forum is great for geeing up!

  • Just agreeing with you as I am having trouble getting out the door too!

  • Tough isn't it 😲hope you're getting on ok 👌

  • See? First week in the bag... piece of cake! (but don't eat the piece of cake) 😉

    Good luck with week 2. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you :)

  • Thanks McFitty you graduate you ☺ sometimes I find the brisk walk harder than the run...We'll see about that next week...likely to be eating my words. Hope your running 🏃 is going well ☺

  • I always find walking fast hurts my legs more than a slow run. Different muscles I guess. I was supposed to run today but I only picked my little pooch up from the hospital yesterday. She has a new knee (and a leg the size and shape of a small continent) so I can't leave her alone for that long for a while :(

  • Ohhhhhhhh that doesn't sound so good and I'm a little confused 😕 pooch and hospital... Well I really hope that your child or little pet with the new knee gets better soon...front of legs on the shin seems to hurt me...that and a blinkin blister on my heel from new running shoes...think I've worn wrong socks which sounds dumb but doesn't help trying to get on with these runs. Anyway enjoy your run on another day...quite a valid excuse for you I must say ☺

  • Get yourself some running socks as Oldfloss says, they are the bees' knees. Normal socks tend to slip and rub - even so-called "sports socks". Decathlon have affordable ones.

  • You grouch you! You did it.. on the way.. snap out of the grouchiness !!!

    Get a rest.. take a big breath and get out there to week 2!

    You know you will love it! :)

  • Right I will sort my stuff out and try and get to enjoy this running lark ☺hope your running is going well

  • Do that.. get some good socks too..blisters are horrid..just take it steady and slow,,, lots to see when you are out there.. :)

  • Not at night there isn't much to see and hopefully no one can see me lol...yeah the blister is a bind...little bugger...but won't be my excuse you are doing well ☺

  • Well done you for running even though you didn't feel like it. Those are the days I push myself to go (today is one of them)

    Keep it up, I bet W2 D3's run felt like it went quicker

  • Hey there ☺ hope you are well... My last run of W1 oddly I found the hardest and I didn't get as far in the time...being tired 😴 probably had something to do with this....I guess we're not racing though Just doom and that's what counts huh

  • It's not about speed. It's endurance. You finished your first week! That's amazing

  • You are very kind 🙂 thank you... Now the 1st week is out the way in my head this should get a bit easier

  • Good on you for getting out there. Your mind and body are programmed by nature to make you save energy, so your main task in running will always be keeping an eye out for your Gremlin, and learning how to either shut him up or pull the wool over his eyes every time he suggests that it's not worth going out tonight, it's too cold, or you'll never be Usain Bolt anyway so we may as well just curl up on the sofa with a packet of Hobnobs. Give him a name and get your strategies ready.

  • Mmmmmm hobnobs 😁yeah we just need to get out there and tell Mr Gremlin to do one. I got pounds to shift Mr n you ain't gonna stop me 🙂

  • The best thing you can do is surround yourself with others doing the same thing, I would be lost without my Sunday greatrunlocal even though most of the time I just Marshall it still gives me a buzz and the motivation is a high. This forum is also awesome but you know that. Read a lot of books if you get the chance, I highly recommend "your pace or mine" by Lisa Jackson she's amazing and is always near the back of marathons but has done over 100 and some ultras, but slow and with walks.

  • Good advice Paul...thank you very much. You are clearly keen on running and the involvement of running I just hope I can get just a bit of your enthusiasm...tough at mo....but hey early days...may look up that book you're talking about give me a boost.. All you people on here really are great though...big help ☺

  • Its only AFTER completing a run session that you feel it was worth it and then It's totally worth it for the smugness and self satisfaction.

    Keep going indeed. As magnus says 'you've started so you'll finish' (sic) 😄

  • I'll definitely try and start and finish like old Magnus used to say ☺ ran tonight for W2 R1 and with a blister the size of Texas so happy that I did that.

  • Well done for getting out there and doing it regardless! Sometimes on days like that running is the answer, sometimes it's not but it's always better than sitting on the couch! :)

  • Melly you are right on the button there....getting out the door is probably my biggest challenge...when you're out you may as well go...parking my chunky butt on the sofa isn't going to do me any good... Thank you for the advise ☺

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