Can't believe I'm on week 5!!!

So tonight I completed w4 r3. It was a real effort to get myself out the house. I was tired, settled on the sofa and generally being a lazy bum, but I have a deadline to meet (a 5k in September) so I put on my running shoes and dragged myself out. And I'm glad I did.

I learnt from experience and slowed down for the uphill bits. I felt that moment when you get into the zone, rhythm good, breathing good and I loved it. Yes the last 5 minutes were harder than the rest, but I feel that is to be expected at this stage.

So here I am at week 5. I start on Friday. Four weeks of c25k have flown by and I can't believe I have got this far. Yes my ankle is a bit achey, heat on my back to relax my muscles, but I am doing this and for that I am extremely pleased!

C25k is awsome!

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  • It sure is and you always feel better for having turned out

    Well done! Keep going nice and steadily, eating away at those runs, one at a time

    Have fun!

  • Thanks MW. I will try. Excited to get going with w5 now. The big runs are approaching!

  • You're right, it is! 2 years on and I am still so grateful I was talked into starting it. This is your mid point week! By the end of the week you will be over half way through - start thinking about what you want to do do next!

  • Wow, I hadn't thought of it like that. The big runs are approaching, feeling quite excited. Well my aim is to get in a couple of Parkruns, before a 5k colour obstacle run a few weeks after graduation.

  • It's crazy, isn't it? I did W5R1 run two nights ago and i still can't believe I did it! It was hard but wasn't as hard as W1R1...I'm scared going into every week but this one really terrified me...and I nailed it. And you definitely can too!

  • Ha! Glad it's not just me that feels like that. I have W5R1 tomorrow. Still not looking forward to it, mind!

  • Let us know how you get on Ids and good luck with it! :-D

  • Well done HC. I hope so. I think each success I have with this programme is giving me a little bit more confidence each time. W5 here I come!

  • Wk 5 is definately the start of mind over matter. Trust in Laura but TRUST IN YOURSELF you CAN do this. Every time you complete a week it is a fabulous feeling but most of all enjoy it. Good luck and remember we have ALL been there and will remain with you.

  • Thank you ML, that is a really lovely message to receive! :-D

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