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Change of rest day??


I am due to do w1 r3 Saturday however I have a boxercise class in the morning and then family plans that day, would it be ok to run again tonight instead of rest day? Then I don't have to worry about it Saturday ? Or would I be best to have two rest days then run again sunday? Only thing with that is I'm worried I'll struggle with motivation after 2 rest days x

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Yes you will be fine - when I'm in work I will not run on a Friday as it's dead busy then good shopping etc .... So I have often had2 rest days . You will be fine X


Do the 2 rest days. Don't cut out your rest day 👍😊

You should take 2 rest days for sure- don't risk two in one day. if you dont feel motivated have a read of the messages on here and they will fire you up again 😊


2 rest days definitely. I always find the extra rest days help my runs 😉

Thanks guys really appreciating the advice and support on this group ❤️


Always have rest day, don't cut it out, better to have a few running rest days than miss it... especially as your a newbie..😊

Another one for the two rest days.

Guess what - 2 days it is!


Rest days from impact exercise are when the micro tears caused by running repair and strengthen, reducing your injury risk.......but very slowly. This is why it states in the guide to the plan that rest days are not negotiable.

Take care, there is no rush.

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