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Finally back out there! W5R2

Lately I've been having a few motivational issues in regards to actually leaving the front door. I think being at home rather than uni has put me in a bad frame of mind and so I've had a three day break. However...

I finally shoved myself out the door after reading a few blogs on here to get me going and I'm so glad I did! The first 8 minutes were absolutely fine and the second weren't terrible, I even had enough energy to basically sprint the last 60 seconds!

I feel like I'm back on track which is brill, so thankful the weathers brightening up a bit ready for run 3 (scary!). Little bit tentative about Friday but I know I'll be able to push through. (hopefully!)

Thanks for all of your kind messages over the past few days, definitely spurred me on which is what I needed :D

Happy running!

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Hurrah! Well done for getting back out there - it's not easy sometimes, especially with day 3 coming up. Bet you'll really enjoy it (at least the feeling at the end - prepare to feel emotional!) :)


Aren't we brill? Just done it too..... Looked ridiculous but what the heck... Lots of luck for Friday... Am hoping to be out there too. Linda X


Great going in getting out there! Don't be afraid of the "dreaded 20" just go slow, try to pace yourself and try to relax. You will be totally amazed with your achievement when you finish. KNOW you can do this, every previous run has prepared you for this one. Good luck!! Gayle


brilliant stuff! well done you for getting out there despite the doldrums.

and a good run you had too. fantastic.

you can do the next run, and the next, and the next....... (fill in from there ;-)

good luck!!

ali :-)


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