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Feeling guilty - I haven't run in 5 days!!

Well, I let life get in the way - tax time, crazy work schedule, cinderella tasks around the house, evenings with friends, book club, and general exhaustion etc etc...

So it's been 5 days since my last run - I'm in Week 7. My last two 25min runs were good, but now I'm worried I've ruined my progression. I did 2 strength training sessions in the meantime, so hopefully that'll help me some.

It's amazing how tough it can be to find 30mins in your day to just step outside and run!

Anyone else feel guilty when they've let life get in the way of this journey to 5K?

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You will be fine!! Your body has come a long way in the last 7 weeks and a few extra days off will not hurt you!! Think of it as a few extra recovery days!!

I completely understand about feeling guilty, but it is called "life" for a reason. There will be times, no matter how dedicated you are, that other things pop up. My wife (gdeann) and I struggle to find the time, also. There have been times that we have gone almost a month (over the holidays) without a run. Was the next one a bit tougher? Certainly. Your body has been building up for 7 weeks though, you will not lose your progress in a couple of days!!

You are doing great and you will continue to!! Believe in YOURSELF!!

Keep Running!! :-)



I'm guilty and also smhall's wife! :-) I believe most of use suffer from real life getting in the way. Just try to remember why you started the program in the first place and then get back to it when you can. Personally, I don't want a "do over" so I try to never go over a week since the holidays. As Steve mentioned, we did take a longer amount of time off. We maintained most of our fitness but was slower. I say get out there and run! Real life will wait! You will feel fantastic after that run! :-) Gayle


Know exactly how you feel! Technically, I haven't missed a run, but switching my days round to fit in the rest of my life means I haven't put on my running shoes for four days....I am going to make a real effort to fit in half an hour later today and see how it goes!

Am finding Week Four much harder than the earlier sessions - never known 5 minutes to take so long, but determined to stick at it right to the end, although I know I'm going to need more than 9 weeks to graduate!


Yes - this happens to me all the time. But don't beat yourself up about it. After 5 days or so, you may find the next run harder, but you may not. The extra rest days may do you just as much good as the 'lapse' does harm.

The only way that 5 days off will be a problem for you is if you let it become one. Get back out there as soon as you sensibly can, and pick up where you left off!

Good luck! :-)


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