Feeling great I managed to run again

Have spent the last week with Labrynthitis which sounds like a great band but is a virus in your middle ear. This means you can hardly walk let alone run so with some trepidation I climbed back onto the treadmill last night. I chose the Speed post c25k podcast. Walking was fun - all I can say is it's a good job treadmills have side bars. Then I set off at a gentle 5.5mph weaving from side to side. Funny thing is as I got into the intervals speeding up to 7mph my balance got better and I stopped weaving so much.

I think c25k must develop muscle memory as it was less about what my head was doing and more about how my arms were helping to balance my legs. Anyway the outcome was I finished the intervals and cooled down and felt great.

This morning I took Rico for a walk and ending up run/walking for 35 mins. Hopefully the labrynthitis is on its way out as I had fewer symptoms today.

Happy Running all.


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  • Gosh! That's dedication! Middle ears are mysterious places, nobody ever goes there but when they're not working properly all sorts of things go wrong hey! You must have your arms and legs well trained GettingFitter - well done you :-)

  • Thanks BoPeep9009 - never thought I'd be so worried about not running

  • Tadaaa :-)

  • God, labyrinthitis is such a laugh. One morning five of us got up, walked out of different rooms and collapsed within a couple of metres of each other. We awoke to see number six, a bemused toddler, pondering his next move which was very nearly head first down the stairs. Happened twice within a few months but hasn't returned. Happy days!

  • It is so much like being a toddler, banging into walls, staggering as if you've had too many and my classic falling to the floor while sitting. Glad to hear you've avoided it since

  • What a laff it was. Explain that one at work.

  • I've seen that movie dozzer! Must have been terrifying before you knew what was going on! Dreadful start to a day!

  • Most def.

  • So glad to hear you're on the mend :-) that must be a relief

    Good going.

  • Thanks I_will

  • It's awful and you have my sympathy. I've been plagued with inner ear problems all my life. Sometimes I had to take to my bed and just lie down as walking about was just so wierd. You can hear your breathing and your footfall loudly in your head. The worst thing for me was the feeling of being strangely detached from everything. A bit like being underwate,r in a way. I do hope you soon feel much better and will get back on your feet and not feel like you're trying to walk on a boat

  • We certainly takes all our body's systems fro granted until they get a fault, don't we ..... one or two little inner ears, hiding away, causing so much disruption ..... the expected but unknown liklihood of re-occurrence must cause anxiety, how horrible for you :-( not THIS weekend tho! THIS weekend you're A1OK pounding tarmac across half the country :-)

  • Thanks MW feeling a lot better today. Absolutely recognise the detached feeling. Walking on a boat in heavy seas ;-)

  • I don't know if the ear thing has anything to do with my inability to travel on most forms of transport! I must be the world's worst traveller. I tend not to venture too far these days as I can't stand the feeling of death that ensues when I get on a moving vehicle. I can't even abide the motion of the mobile library when it's parked up!

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