I did it, I did it, I did it! Run 3 week 5!

OMG! I don't know how but I flippin ran for 20 minutes! So glad I have asked advice on here as I'm sure the advice to run slower helped. I run on a treadmill and usually run at 6.2 (that's my husband's brink walk!!!) but I ran at 5.4 all the way through.

It's an amazing feeling to have done it as I really thought I couldn't. Really feeling now that I will get to the end of the programme and make running apart of my life on a longterm basis :-)


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9 Replies

  • Congratulations...I'm just behind you. Should be doing it sometime this week.

    Enjoy that amazing feeling!

  • PS Your user name is now out of date! You ARE a runner.

  • Thank you. I was thinking that too, I've come a long way in 5 weeks :-)

  • Congratulations! Do yourself a favor and here on in ditch the negative thinking ("I really thought I couldn't.") because you now know you CAN do this. :)

  • Thank you...I am getting there. I called myself "I'm no runner" 5 weeks ago because I really, really wasn't and I'm just amazed to have run for 20 minutes. I'm starting to think I will be able to run for 30 mins though :-)

  • I just did it today, I am road running and I even did a little "sprint" at the end! I may regret that tomorrow! I think I started really slow cos I was so worried I wouldn't do it!

    Well done to you,it's a great feeling. Speed isn't everything we can sort that out later! Bring on week 6!

  • Thank you. I'm not worried about speed...I was sweating so it's all good ;-). I think I will aim to up my speed a little next time. I would definatley prefer to go slow than to have to stop :-)

  • Well done! More than half way - you know you can get to graduation now! :)

    And slow is gooooood! (Almost all the blogs where people have trouble, the key point is going too fast - or hills - it is so very easy to start off faster than you realise when you're all hyped up.) The programme is building stamina, as you say, speed can come later. Maybe!

  • I did my first week 5 run today, hadn't even noticed the format had changed to 3 different runs rather than 3 same, I tend to panic if I look too far ahead, I must admit that I also never thought I would manage the programme had a fear of running since I was a child lol but 5 weeks ago the thought of running for a 60 second interval filled me with dread, but today I completed the 3 x 5 min runs with relative ease, so congratulations your doing great keep it up the finish line is in sight

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