Feeling guilty

I was meant to run with my housemate this morning but the weather was horrendous! We instantly opted to go back to sleep but today is meant to be the first day of week 9 for me. I hate breaking routine and it's left me feeling guilty as I know the next four days are going to be super busy as I'm at a training weekend. My last full c25k run was Tuesday. I potentially won't get another until Monday now, hence the frustration. Is a break of that much too much?! Help...


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13 Replies

  • Hmmmm good morning!

    What would you like to hear?

    A) this a disaster, everything's ruined, go back to Week 8 with your tail between your legs and do not collect £200 as you pass Go or

    B) it's okay don't worry, these things happen, if you get the chance try to squeeze W9R1 in at any point before Monday but if not just think of these days as enforced rest days and make the most of them.

    Feeling guilty is demoralizing and pointless ... Just move along and everything will be hunkydory ... Week 9, get you! :-)

  • Fab post Bo xx Yes , I agree....

    Cut yourself a bit of slack here Luce...

    No need to feel guilty, Missus . Just pick it up again when you can .

    No stress :-) xxx

  • Thanks for the advice! I think the routine of the programme has been one of the factors that has kept me going for so long... Sometimes I get scared to break it. I guess we're only human after all :) xx

  • Thanks Pops :-) xXx

    #amazedsomeoneagreeswithme :-)

  • Ha ha that's a first ! ( I am only joking Bo , you know that xxx ) :-) xxx

  • Paranoia ... I know i know but it IS pretty rare!

    So long as lucielu here doesn't panic and gets herself safely to graduation!


  • You are such a sweet lady, Bo xxx

  • Ha! You think??? The beauty of an internet only persona Pops!!! XxX

  • Thanks so much. This has made me feel so much better & now the sun is out I will try & fit in a session after work, either at the gym or on the road :D xx

  • Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised that your body will be even more refreshed and will be still in tip-top condition to pick up where you left off.

    I missed many days throughout the programme and I thought that was going to be a step backwards, but I didn't find it to be so when I picked it up again.

  • Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting back on the horse!

  • Of course, there is still the rest of the day left... the weather might improve enough for you to find time. Just think how great you would feel if you did it today in spite of the weather! Good luck - only 3 runs to go! :)

  • Bo is right. The programme is all about getting fit and getting you to enjoy running, so it is counter productive if you feel guilty about having missed a run. We all do it every now and then, particularly when the weather is nasty.

    Don't worry. Be happy :)

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