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First wobble, week three!!

OK so I completed week two at the weekend and was so chuffed with myself, I have never been very good at running and was diagnosed with asthma as an adult! However I went out for run one of week three and fell short of completing it by stopping 10 seconds short in the last 3 minute run :( I am soo disappointed that i couldn't push myself just that little bit further but my chest struggled and i felt like i couldn't breath. I'm hoping run 2 will be better as i sort of know whats coming and i think i may have to repeat this week before starting week 4 as running for 5 minutes seems impossible right now!

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Snap - diagnosed with asthma as an adult and realised with hindsight that I'd had it undiagnosed all my life. Currently the very cold weather is making me wheeze but I'm still running. What works for me is taking a couple of puffs of salbutamol before going out; carrying a ventolin with me and being prepared to take some more - had to have a puff half way through today (it's arctic here in London, hate to think what it's like up north). I regularly struggled with r1 in each week but miraculously found that r2 and r3 were way easier - which is of course just what the programme is designed to achieve.

Concentrate on the achievement - 10 seconds short still means that on that last run you did 2 mins 50 seconds, and I bet you never thought you'd be able to do that when you started. If you are anything like me you probably couldn't even manage a minute, and now look at you!


There are quite a few other people on here with asthma too, including graduates. You might find that going a little bit slower helps you to keep going a bit more easily - 10 seconds short is really very close (when else would you think that 94% wasn't good enough?!)

Boudicca is right - concentrate on the achievement, and you'll get there. :)


Thank you for your comments and you are right I should appreciate the achievement! Xx


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