Week 3 run 2

I was being so lazy, reading everyone else's blogs instead of going out, and then I got inspired by what they were saying and put on my stuff and went. Really pleased with myself, I just felt that there was no way I was going to be able to run the three minutes, just didn't feel up to it, but I did. Annoyed with myself because the golf course where I run was swarming with golfers and I just can't run past people, hopefully this will change, so it took me longer as I had to put Laura on pause while I walked to the nearest quiet spot. Amazing that I've been out walk/running for almost two hours and was concentrating so hard on what I was doing I didn't realise. Hopefully I will sleep well, am now ravenous and must try not to eat everything I see. Am trying (again) not to buy chocolate so I can't eat it, got yoghurts instead so I have something to snack on and bananas. I feel really warm and buzzy, so pleased I went out.

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  • Well done you. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate oneself - but the upside to this is that you do feel really pleased and proud (even smug..!!) with yourself when you get back. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you, I must admit I was feeling a bit smug watching some of the people on the golf course going around in their buggies :) .

  • yay, you did so well xx

  • Thank you, love the photo :) .

  • Well done you! You are doing brilliantly. I go out at 6.30am partly to avoid people.

    You will be sleeping for England tonight :)

    I just left you a way long PM re the comment you left on my blog. Thanks for your comments and support.

  • Well done! I'm sure you'll get comfy running past people - just think of how much healthier than them you are :)

  • Thanks Tomas, normally I go out earlier but I kind of forgot it was Sunday and of course that's a big day for golf!

  • I think the thing about being seen running does change... at least I am less bothered about it. Now it is more that I don't want to mess up the session with stopping to chat!

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