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Week 3 Run 2 - I did it!

Week 3 Run 2 - thank you for the advice - I slowed down and found it easier!! I was also brave and asked the gym man about my knees and stretching. He was soooo helpful and did not make me feel silly. The stretches have helped and my legs and knees feel much better than they have previously. I hope w3 r3 goes ok- fingers crossed x x

Well done everybody! X

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That's really good! Talking to gym man was very brave - I quite understand that! Brilliant that it was really helpful. :) Onward and upward!


Hi, Just out of interest what sort of stretches did they recommend? I've just done Week 3 run 1. My shins and right knee have been aching for the first two weeks but not too bad today but I'll see how achey I am in the morning!!


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