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Slush puppy feet

Well, it really served me right for laughing at the ice-cold bath blog earlier...

I went out to run in the snow, put on extra socks (the airholes in the top of my trainers let in very cold draughts!) and got off to a good start. That was encouraging, as my last two runs hadn't been too good.

However, the snow was melting, so within five minutes (ie just as the legs were beginning to think they'd like a rest, please) I had to splash through snow with the texture of slush puppies, and it just whooshed into my shoes. Aaagh! It was COLD! Being a wimp, I was considering turning round and coming home, to avoid possible frost-bite danger (!), but told myself not to be so ridiculous, the wetness would warm up soon.

But it took twenty minutes before my toes stopped screaming at me (and then I was wondering whether they'd gone numb... but I could feel them if wiggled, so that was another bit of ridiculousness).

It was cold out - I had a fleecy top, fleece waistcoat and long over-fleece, a buff, gloves and fleece hat with jogging bottoms. I thought I'd end up carrying a fleece or two, but the only things I took off were the hat, gloves and and buff. I was really glad of the buff to protect my face.

It wasn't an easy run, hopping round slushy puddles and running along track with one leg higher than the other, because of the camber (the top of the farm track was covered in deep slush so I ran along the edges, alternating sides to ease the hip strain), but my pace ended up overall the same as my parkrun two weeks ago. I was happy with that, even though there were only small hills/slopes, as the snow and slush made up for the big hill at the parkrun.

I'd only been going to do 30 minutes, but, surprise!, I felt ok, and decided to keep going for longer, so I didn't lose stamina for longer runs. I thought I'd done 5k overall, so was a bit disappointed to find it was only 4.8 - but that's 3 miles, which took me 45 minutes. (4mph - walking pace for many, I know, but good for me.)

The main thing though was that I was really glad I'd gone out, it wasn't horrible like the last run, and I actually enjoyed some of it, and managed to speed up a bit for the last minute. So pretty good all in all. It's good to have got my running mojo back. :)

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Haha slush puppy feet = cold plate of meat!! We seem to be one of few places in UK that hasn't got snow lying just now. Its falling here but not heavy enough for it to lie as the wind is carrying it. Its another story altogether on the outskirts of the city. Well done on a hard run greenlegs, I confess I love running in fresh snow, not so fond of the slush puddles though.


I found a slush puddle as well, the same way you did!!!! (I thought it was a clear area, it was under a tree and only had a fine sprinkling of snow on the top, but when I trod an that bit of path it seemed like it was ankle deep!)


Ooo - nasty surprise! :)


There you go; we told you your next run would be fine though sorry we forgot to tell you it would be a snowy, slushy one!! ;)

I have had cold wet feet from puddles so know its not nice but to have slushy, icy snow....brrrrrr!!!! :O Great run greenlegs and well done on getting out there in such awful weather; hope you are thawing out nicely now!

Sue :)


We've got about 7 inches of snow and it's still falling. Apparently it is over a foot deep in some parts of the town park. I'm thinking of venturing out in it tomorrow but taking my Asda "YakTraks" just in case. I've also found a pair of waterproof socks I bought years ago and never used - they don't look comfy but I might try them out and take a spare pair with me in case they feel horrible.


Waterproof socks are a very strange concept! I'll be fascinated to hear how you get on with them. Good luck! 7 inches deep sounds like good thigh muscle work. :D


Yes, I got them for wearing on the motorbike but I think they might be a recipe for blisters if I run far in them. They're pretty expensive things now so I will report back :-)


haha - you own little mini foot ice bath!


Yes, I was thinking of you as my feet froze!


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