New clothes for winter

Ok, going to get some new running gear for the cooler months. Have seen a Ron Hill top and a base layer top for colder months. Now for the head...what would you recommend? Are beanies too hot, or would a buff do a good job? Seen a headband that people say is good to keep ears warm. Any ideas what is best? Also going to pick up some gloves. Again seen some Ron Hills gloves but also some Gore running gloves but are more expensive.

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  • Good question - was only thinking about the same myself yesterday. Headband for ears sounds good as I'd hate to be trying to stuff all my hair in a beanie andgetting stressed about it popping out...

  • What make is the headband you found Eve?

  • A Ronhill run headband. Look at

  • I'm not sure how this works in the UK but Aldi Germany has winter clothes for runners (gloves, headbands, thermo pants etc) tomorrow. Older posts showed that Lidl and Aldi UK had those runner clothes about two to three weeks later than the German stores. I don't know if it will be the same again but perhaps you keep your eyes open to those offers.

    I'll try to get a set of gloves, a headband and a hat tomorrow, each one is only 2.99€.

  • I bought some running gloves from Lidl a couple of weeks ago as someone on here tipped us off that some running stuff was expected in Lidl. Was really happy with the gloves but a bit disappointed that there was loads of men's stuff but not many women's running clothes. hopefully they'll have some more in soon.

  • I tried to get some winter cycling leggings and cycling jacket in the local Aldi today and there was very little women's stuff left - none in my size in the jacket or trousers.

    Edited to add: if anyone suffers from poor circulation and gets frozen fingers, the Aldi cycling gloves are good. I bought some last winter and used them for running in all except the coldest weather, when I needed to use my hiking gloves with thermal liners.

  • Just noticed that if you subscribe to runners world magazine initially £16 for 6 months, they will send you a matching beanie and gloves for free, so you get something to read on winter evenings, you get something to run in too.

  • I prefer a buff as I find a beanie get too hot. I fold my buff to give about three layers over my ears and one (open layer) over the top of my head. This was all I used all winter even when several degrees below freezing.

  • I know I'm probably asking a very stupid question here, but what is a buff? :o) thanks! [and where can i get one?!]

  • Buffs:

    I have a pink patterned one, a purple patterned one and a grey thermal one (with the polar fleece bit). I generally wear them as scarves or as a beanie. Not tried the pirate hat look yet, not sure I could carry it off.

  • I am with swanscot one round neck and one on head gr8 :-)

  • Ooooh I may take a look at Aldi. Thanks :-)

  • I think the running stuff is due in Aldi on 10th October. Have just given my running tights bought from Aldi to my daughter as too big for me now; good as new after 1 years wear. Had to buy mens though as ladies not long enough in legs for me. Great value cycling stuff too, but can't justify buying more! ;-)

  • Then it really seems to be the way I thought: the German stores have very similar offers but two weeks earlier. I could work as an early warning system for you runners in the UK ;)

  • I think it all comes down to how cold it gets and at what temperatures you will get out:)

    Personally go with the full range from thin gloves and a Buff as a headband to Windstopper balaclava and Windstopper lobster gloves. But then I'm one of those crazy dudes getting out even if it is below -15F (-25C).

    Usually the temperature is not the biggest problem but the wind. As long as the outer layer is windproof a nice merino wool set under is good for quite low temps.

    Not to forget is to protect the airways if getting out when it is really cold. For example

  • It all depends on how badly you feel the cold too. I'm warm blooded so last year, in the snow, I was running in a long sleeve baselayer tee (with sleeves rolled up) + a short sleeve tee over the top, *manly cough* running leggings *manly cough*, shorts and a pair of gloves.

    I find any sort of head-gear for me is too much, no cap in the summer, no beenie or scarf in the winter.

    I'm afraid some trial and error is required, but definitely recommend some thermal leggings and a baselayer top as a minimum.

  • Loving the manly coughs! Haha! :)

  • Manly cough goes well with your picture here:-)

  • I recently bought a Bum Bag with 2 bottles in it (high-visibility rims), high-visibility gloves and high-visibility Hat, all seem to be very good. I only started using the bum bag and the hat and the gloves are yet it use. They all had good reviews. I bought them from Sports Direct and they were on half price.

    I run in Track bottoms in winter, feel too cold otherwise.

    As mrqwest says, it is trial and error, what someone else finds good may not be the one for you.

    Good luck for your winter buys and also for your runs!!

  • Really glad of this post & all the comments. I didn't experience running last winter & can't imagine being cold but at least the thought is there now along with the different experiences voiced here.

  • I have some reflective Ron HIll gloves (they're black but sparkle in lights) which aren't thermal but I get sweaty hands when I'm running anyway. Have also got some More Mile thermal leggings and top which should keep me fairly toasty when the real cold sets in, and can layer them up with some thin high wicking stuff if I need to. Usually wear a Buff to keep the candyfloss hair under control (the hair is short and babyfine so it floats all over the place) and that's likely to keep the bonce warm enough..

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