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Yes, yes, YES !!

After doing 3 x Week 1, I did Week 2 for the first time - and I loved it. I felt so smug and proud of myself - even though I was running through strong winds and puddles masquerading as swimming pools.... AND I DID IT!!!!

Seriously, being older (yes, I know it's only a number, but 57 is not 27!) I'm glad I re-did week 1, it's given me more confidence - but am definitely going out today to get better shoes.

My family still don't know about this!

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Great work! You're only 3 years older than me - keep going and you'll be a graduate in almost no time at all. Have fun getting new shoes (I hid mine under the bed for the first couple of weeks!)

Lovely that your enjoying horrible weather too! :)


Well done you!

It took me a couple of weeks to come out to family and then even longer to tell friends. Now I'm evangelical about it. I did the winds and a wee bit of snow today and now feel doubly smug. Great feeling isn't it?


Thank you greenlegs and Sadiekit - I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoying this - and want to get out on the rest days as well - Have entered for Race for Life - and am looking forward to casually telling folk about this!

Have not told my husband as he is fiercely competitive . . .


Well done. The weather is terrible at the moment and it is all too easy to put off runs because of it. Well done for getting out there are getting it done.

If you are uncertain about some of the weeks, I also think it best to redo them. This programme is all about moving though it at your pace. You only compete with yourself!

I also re-ran some of the earlier runs to make sure both my body and brain were ok with actually doing this wonderful thing. Take care and move though at your own pace.

Have fun with your new shoe purchase. This is also a seminal moment and a recognition that you are working towards the goal. It will be wicking tops next!!


Well done you and yes 57 is only a number (my favourite saying too when talking age). I was one week off my 60th birthday when I plucked up the courage to open the front door, I had downloaded the podcasts weeks before, sat and listened to them up to week 5 too (several times). When I got ready I just said to hubby, "I'm off for a walk" nothing new there I often did in the summer months. I was on week 2 before he asked why I was so rosie faced and hot looking. Our eldest son just said, thats good keep us posted on your progress. Youngest son went out and bought me a running top. The men in my life are all very encouraging thank goodness. My friends thought I was mad, but nothing new there :)

Listen to your body, as you get older you need to be that little bit more careful because it takes longer to get back from injury. But most of all have fun, enjoy it as I have and still do. :)


Haven't had courage to tell husband and sons - but my daughter-in-law-to-be is brilliantly supportive - she has done marathons etc, but is going to enter Race for Life to run with me - and at only 3k, that's boring for her!

Looking forward to casually saying oh I ran x k today, and watching their reactions


Great NewRunner56! Another number here ... 61 ... But, hey, if you are as nutty as me and your pals acknowledge this too just read it upside down and it's only 19! (I know i feel that good after completing any of the runs well!). I'm definitely taking longer than a week for each stage though ... Not always because of my age, but because family, work, health and weather issues sometimes take precedence. However, for my own peace of mind, I've repeated some stages until I am completely satisfied that I'm ready to move on. That's life and my way of coping with it! However, I'm very happy plodding along: have stamped my commitment to succeed by getting fab proper shoes and running gear (beware, a good running shop might make you an addict! ;) ). Have fun, do your own thing at your own pace with Laura and the forum to support you all the way. Lots of luck in the weeks ahead :) X Linda


I'm not in any rush to complete the course, but was happy to consolidate the first week... and now I have shiny new shoes bought from a 'proper' shop - the chap videoed me running to see what sort of shoe would be best! Wanted to ignore rest day today, but was sensible - must be my age!


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