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Week four take two

Hi everyone, haven't blogged much in a while as I wasn't confident I would keep my return to running after the winter going. But feel today I have broken the barrier. It's cold wet and windy and along with my hat and gloves off I went with some concerns as to should I stay at week 3 or move on, only because I was concerned at doing nearly double. Anyhow I just remembered that I am a can do person now not a can't so I went with an open mind and a slow plod. I felt great when I got home and have more energy than when I started, which is amazing considering the busy week I have had.

So if you are in any doubt, just get out there and do it, you will feel wonderful afterwards.

Also I haven't run since Monday as I have been so busy and I think it helps to be well rested, I am not going to worry if I only manage Monday and Fridays now..

Have a good weekend x

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Hey I just finished week 4. I didn't think I would be able to do it but read a few blogs and everyone said "if you have done week 3 then move on" So I did. It was all OK (the last run was the worst). I just get out and do it every 2 days no excuse just go. Can't say I enjoy doing it but LOVE having done it! Have lost 3 kgs, not much but a loss and a steady one at that. Went for a cycle today (usually go once a week or less if too busy) and that is getting easier too so must be getting fitter. Slow and steady wins the race! TMW is W5R1 and will shuffle the playlist and get out there. We are having the opposite weather (in Australia) and it gets a bit too hot at times. I take water and enjoy the shady bits! I agree keep going there must be a runner down there somewhere if we look hard enough!


Hi Philippa, sitting here watching the snow fall I have forgotten what it was like to run in the heat, but that's not too comfortable either. Lol.

Well done on loosing some weight, I always feel so hungry the next day and completely tired out. Really strange how you can finish a run and feel full of energy and so tired the next day!

Hope week 5 goes well for you. X


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