Newbie: Week One, Day Two - Complete

So, today I completed my second run. I am honestly surprised I did it, I woke up this morning with the knowledge of me having to go running and all I wanted to do is crawl back under the covers. But I didn't, I got out of bed, went to my lectures and then went on my run.

I found that my run today was harder than the first one, I think it was something to do with doing it in the afternoon and not having as much energy also having to run with my blisters hurting me (even though I forked out for blister plasters).

I know on my last post people suggested getting running socks and better trainers, but right now I can't afford that with my studies. How do those of you that don't buy the best stuff cope? Also, how do you guys deal with blisters?

So anyway, about my run, I got to the gym and there was only one treadmill not being used and of course it was in the middle of a row of health-freak beef cakes. I was so close to just going home, but instead I decided to get over myself and just go and do it. Once I was on the treadmill I just focused on my running and my music and I got through it, I feel so much better for it.

I am sat at home knowing, I have been healthy with my eating this week and I've started (and continued) running, I am not going to give up! I got so much inspiration from all of you on my last post and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it, it really helped me to get up and go today! xo

P.S. When you use the C25K app, do you HAVE to have an internet connection?

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  • No, you don't need an Internet connection for the app to work, but beware, many people have found the NHS app to be buggy. I used it initially, but switched to the podcasts.

    Well done you, keep it up. Even if you can't afford pricy shoes, you can get a good pair of running socks for around a tenner or even less, and running every other day, you can get away with just one pair!

  • Well done you.

    I don't have running socks (yet) but did find a really nice pair of woolly socks that I wear instead of my usual thin ones and they do make a difference. Running socks are going to be my treat to myself when I finish week 6 (next week).

    I used the app rather than the podcasts and haven't found any problems with it but be warned at either the end of week 1 or week 2 (can't remember which) I did have to log in and as I was on a canal towpath at the time I didn't have internet connection so couldn't move on to the next week there and then. So it might be worth checking that out when you have internet connection.

  • I found that regardless of an Internet connection, sometimes the app just got stuck on a particular run, and despite trying to swipe across to go to other weekks, it would stay stubbornly on week 1. I had to abort the C25K process and restart it, and sometimes even had to reboot the phone.

  • Well done on seeing it through. I'm so terrified of people I only run outside at night! X

  • Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

  • In answer to your question about people who are short of cash doing this - I've surprised myself how much I've forked out, but it has been modest compared to how much I could spend if I really wanted all my gear to be running-oriented. I spent £25 getting a proper pair of running shoes (Karrimor), £10 on double layer running socks which I hand wash between runs, and £5 on a purse-belt thing that holds my phone and keys securely so I can run properly without worrying about things falling out of my pockets. So for me it's been £40, and I'm a part-time student working freelance and getting by on housing benefit for the rest. I guess couch25k should be sponsored by sports direct or something for the amount of sports-accessory spending it generates!

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