Has anyone else failed at Week five run 3, so how did you manage?

From the posts many of you complete Week 5 run 3, 20 mins run, first time. But I've had two attempts now and stop at the 10 min mark for 2 mins before running the last 8 mins. It's my legs which are letting me down, they are tired and ache even though I run very slowly. I can't get my legs to move past the 10 min mark!!


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11 Replies

  • Its a bit of mind over matter with this longer run bothylass. Try starting slower and build up to a comfortable stride. You can do this, you have done the training like the rest of us so don't worry you will get there. Perhaps change your route a little bit might help so that your not reaching your stumbling point at the same time. (just a thought) Good luck.

  • I agree it is mind over matter. I would slow down if you can, take it slow. I struggled with the 25min run non stop even though I had done the 20. I just told myself I could do it!

  • You haven't failed till you give up! You're so close - you're running 18 out of the 20 minutes. Next time, if you get to 10 minutes and feel like walking, instead try to do a really, really slow jog for 2 minutes - tiny baby steps. That won't be much more tiring than walking for 2 minutes, and at least you'll be able to feel that you've run the whole way. Good luck!

  • I repeated week 5 - it was the first time I'd repeated a week, but was definitely the right decision for me. First time round, I got to 18 mins then had to walk for about 30 seconds before continuing, but second time round I managed it. Instead of just repeating that one run, have you tried repeating the whole week, so that you go into it fresh rather than dreading 'the one that you failed at'.

    So much of this is mental, rather than physical - you need to convince your brain that your legs can do it. That way, your mind will keep them going even when they seem to be asking to stop, instead of listening to them! :)

    And please note - it's not failing, just deferring success! ;)

  • I've done a fair amount of running and I know it always gets REALLY difficult after about the first ten minutes... However, if you keep going, it then gets easier again! So, maybe you should tell yourself to "just run 12 mins", and see if once you get there you feel more like carrying on!

    I hope this helps you... And keep up the good work! :)

  • Maybe try running to your own music....something that spurs you on? Or imagine you're a hero in a movie and you're running away from the bad guys. Your legs and lungs complain but it has to come from the mind and its tough to beat it but at the end of the run you'll be so chuffed and feel amazing ;-)

  • I echo the other comments. Try to relax, go extra slow and know every run has prepared you for this run. I find the second half of a longer run goes so much better then the first half. I tell myself this often as I run!!! Good luck to you and KNOW you can do this!!!! Gayle

  • I agree with Old Girl. When I have stopped either at a certain time of running, or at a certain place on the route, I am far more likely to stop in the same place on the next run (unless I am distracted). So, if you can't change your route, change something about the run - what you're thinking about or listening to - and even if you think you are going too slow, it's still possible to slow down further (there have been times when I thought I was going backwards). As Monmemy says, later parts of runs often feel easier for some reason, it's just getting to that part of the run.

    Good Luck - you WILL get there.

  • It took me 5 goes I stopped the first time at 10 minutes the next run was 12 minutes I made 16 minutes for my next two runs and today I finally did 20 minutes, I built up and listened to my own music. You can do it.

  • I'm stuck just before W5R3, managed to complete W5 R1 and R2 but have incurred a niggle in my right calf muscle which feels like residual cramp, I haven't been able to run for a week now, so I'm thinking that I'll take the rest of the weekend off training and see how the leg feels. Just trying to decide if re-doing W5R2 before attempting the big one is a good idea or just go for the 20 minutes and see how far I get... I notice that people seem to get through it on the first attempt and everyone keeps saying that it's a mental battle more than a physical challenge at this stage... so keep at it and you will get there!

  • I only managed 8 minutes the first time I tried, but the second time went okay. However, I know now that every run I do is difficult for the first 12 minutes, and sometimes up to the 15 minute mark. I want to stop at 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 8 minutes... but I know now that it takes me up to 15 to really get going. I'm not saying it's easy after that :) but I know I have to grit my teeth and plod on until everything eases off and I can run. Before I realised what was happening I used to stop and walk, and funnily enough this makes it even harder to carry on.

    Don't panic, try taking it slower and you will get there. All the best with it - let us know how you get on.

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