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Week 6 Run 3... DID IT!!


Yay 25 mins non stop!!! WITH a cold!!

Today wasn’t without its challenges... getting out the door being the first one!

Took a good 10minutes to find my breathing and go go gadget legs working in harmony! Put on some Sia and just tried to enjoy the music and keep going. Mr Smooth piped in with “you’ve done 5 minutes” and I was ready to cry.. surely I’ve been running 20minutes by now?! Kept going!! Then the half way bell went and I started thinking “I can do this!”. It helped with Sia’s “unstoppable” came on - BRILLIANT TIMING!

I was doing it! Then my headphones battery died! What?! No!!! I have probably about 5 mins left.. I can’t be bothered messing about with my arm band etc so I thought I’d run to the end of the lake.. that’d be about right. Took phone out (still running at this point cause sod it if I’m gonna be short changed by a few mins!) and the app had paused!!! WHAT?! Thank god I had strava on.. apparently I still had 5 mins to go! So I kept going. I’d rather run longer than just short of the 25!

So all done! Feel SO SO proud of myself! Anyone new to the program please trust it. It’s amazing what your body can do if u just push yourself and believe in what you can do!! 😃😃

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Well done dennymac82. You over came adversity and got it done!! Excellent perseverance 😃

Got my W6R3 this weekend, I will draw on your enthusiasm and I can’t go wrong 👍

Just banish those gremlins. Mr Smooth says if you have done all previous runs you’re ready for this. The first 10 mins is hard then u just go into auto pilot. Next time I’m making sure that my earphones are fully charged!!!! That put me right off at the end!

Well done, dennymac82. Just shows what you can do when you 'dig deep' and push yourself. A few short weeks ago I couldn't even run for a bus, but I did this one on Weds and have just done wk7r1 (same run) today. The first few mins seem the hardest but after that it's OK. Like you, I find that some awesome music helps - today my shuffle turned up Talking Heads' 'And She Was' - you can tell I'm an oldie - which really helped me along. The lovely Jo Whiley was whispering in my ear that I had 5 mins left and I even managed to speed up a bit for the last 60 secs ("sprinting" would be definitely be exaggerating it!). It's a great sense of achievement, isn't it? Happy running


I'm so pleased for you! But also unsurprised =)

Aww thank you!!


Hi Dennimac82

I enjoyed reading your post. I've got only the stop watch on my broken iPod at the moment but you and PashleyPeddaller have encouraged me to sort out some music asap. It's amazing how easy it is to forget what you are supposed to be doing! I'm only W3R2 so still some to get the gadgets sorted out.

Hope your cold disappears quickly.

Fellow smoothie, blooming well done you on keeping going despite the tech.


Very well done... keep it slow and steady as you move on :)


Sia! I love Sia!! Her voice could drag me back from death's door! "Move your body", "Alive", oh I love them all!

I suffered from paused app syndrome a while back; so frustrating! Well done for getting on and getting through it, with a cold to boot? You're one gutsy lady!

Well done!! That’s amazing!!

Did week 7 run 1 today so it wasn’t a fluke! Woop!

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