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W1R2 Complete!

Starting to get into the swing of things and I'm feeling really good! Looking forward to week 2 but I think that weeks 3/4 might be crunch time... if I can get through those then I really will have done myself proud!

Having a few minor issues though - does anybody know why the top of my right foot feels really tight? I'm having difficulty bending my toes back and it's making me limp slightly when I'm going upstairs. Funny thing is it's not really painful at all, just doesn't feel right.

Also, my lower stomach muscles started to ache about half way through. I'm guessing this is because my core isn't strong enough yet. Considering starting the strength and flex podcasts to help with that.

All in all very happy though. I'm getting such a buzz out of c25k so far!

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Welcome to the fold. Your foot and probably other bits will soon, may be hurting as it is not used to it yet. make sure you trainers are a good fit. You need to take one week at a time so stop worrying about the comming weeks as this course will m ake sure you are prepared to do it.

Your stomach muscle pain may be a stich. When you breath in push you stomach out (Laura will mention this later). Keep it slow to start with and you should be fine.

Good luck and well done for starting.


Welcome and congratulations for getting going! Maybe try relacing your shoe - sometimes having them a bit too tight can produce odd sensations - or try different socks (I've noticed that the seam on my socks leaves a dent across the top of my toes, which I imagine could quite easily send them to sleep).

The stomach muscle pain might just be from tensing up in an unfamiliar activity. Building core strength is a good idea anyway. :)


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