W5R1 Complete!

Finally managed to start Week 5, and actually had an enjoyable run! :) It was nice to actually be able to get out of the flat and run again - I've been having some bad pain days which have meant I've not been able to walk very far, never mind think about running. Definitely frustrating as I'm a day behind my week because of having to take extra rest days (if that makes sense... I'm still running 3 times a week, but I should have been doing W5R2 today), but never mind. Not sure whether this is because of the running or because I'm stuck at my desk revising for my final exam again... *Shrugs* Who knows. If it takes a few extra days for me to get through the programme though, it's definitely not the end of the world, and I'd rather be cautious and actually be able to finish the programme (as well as being able to walk afterwards - it's quite nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine and not be confined to bed with pain xD) than push myself too far.

Anyways - happy Friday, everyone! :)


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8 Replies

  • In the end I took and extra week and a half to complete the program. So I understand your frustration. But injury and illness can strike at any time so if your going to continue running post program, you will just have to accept it as par for the course. It is definitely better to deal with any injuries or pains now before they get worse.

  • Agreed :) The pain is something I was dealing with before anyway, so I knew it was a possibility it might stop me from being able to run, particularly on bad days, just the reality which is proving more frustrating than initially anticipated :P Definitely wasn't expecting to enjoy running this much to be honest, so that's not helping either. But I'd definitely rather go slower and be able to finish in the end - it would be even more frustrating to not be able to finish the programme at all :)

  • Congratulations Adler, l'm on holiday at the moment managed wk4r3 last Friday in New York and Wk5r1 on Thursday in Virginia not sure if it's the heat, travelling or the long gap in between but it was tough. I'm off sailing for a couple of days so won't be able to run but will try run 2 as soon as possible. Keep up the good work, hope the revision is going well :)

  • Thanks Bunty! I was wondering how you've been getting on - glad to hear it's still going well :) The heat is definitely not making the runs easier, no... Ho hum :P Hope you have a lovely holiday! :D How long are you away for?

  • Hi Adler, I am now back at home after a long holiday, only did 2 runs in nearly 4 weeks so have decided to restart tomorrow by starting back on week 4 and seeing how that is. Will post to let you know how it's going. Hope everything is going well with you for both the C25K and revision :)

  • Please do let me know how you're getting on! :) Hope you had a lovely holiday - you did better than me on my holiday as I didn't manage to run at all :P Hope you're enjoying the summer sun and that you're well ^-^

  • Morning Adler, I have only managed one run since my holiday, decided to step back to week 4 as it had been such a long break and it went better than I expected. Unfortunately later that day my dog pulled me over playing and I injured my back so I haven't been able to do anything for just over a week :( I am determined to get back to it as soon as I can but it probably won't be for another week. Really glad everything going ok for you keep up the good work :)

  • Oh no! Sorry to hear that - hope your back gets better soon! Rest up and take things easy :) xx

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