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W1R2 No pain, no gain?!


After my first run on Friday I went into today with a little less trepidation because I had some idea of what to expect.

Having suffered with jarring in my knees and ankles on R1 I'd bought some more comfortable running shoes with an air cushion and they were a great help (picture attached because I've been told it's the law round here).

Free from the distraction of ankle pain I was able to concentrate on all the other things that hurt - tightness in the calf, burning lungs, etc. Running is the gift that keeps on giving!

Reading through the posts on here a lot of people say running is addictive and you get hooked on the feeling. Really?? I assume these are the same people who pay good money to get spanked with a leather paddle in some seedy Soho underground club??! I think running is something to endure - I'm a long way off finding the pleasure in it! Still an old quote did come to mind, "today's pain is tomorrow's strength".

My next run is scheduled in for Wednesday which will mark the end of week one. A small achievement but having gone 10 years without routine exercise it's one I'll feel a little proud of. Let's hope I make it.

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Always good to see new shoes 😀

The addiction will come. I don’t always enjoy the runs but the sense of achievement is great. Each week you do on C25K you make progress and I found that had me keen to

See what I could do next. Have only been graduated a few weeks but there still a sense of progress - going faster or running further. Good look with your journey.


We are masochistic endorphin junkies........... don't think you will escape unscathed.........the hooks go in remarkably quickly.

Have you read the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Oh the addiction - well the thing is it starts off innocent enough, you get hooked on being told you did a great job by your coach. Then you post on here and other people tell you you’re doing well, and then you want to repay their thoughtfulness by doing the same to other newbies to encourage them and before you know it, you’ve been got, hook, line and sinker!

Did you notice the first hook getting you - posting the pic of the trainers... ;)

Hidden in reply to Jancanrun

How could I be so naïve? Laura my voice coach is actually an evil genius who has started a cult, the mentors and graduates are all her minions, and now i'm in I can never leave!

This is how Alice must have felt when she went down the rabbit hole 🤣🤣🤣

Jancanrun in reply to Hidden

Laura was on BBC Breakfast - oh how innocent she seems, and you think BBC Breakfast, well she must be a lovely person, where’s the harm? Oh and she is also a member on here too, so she can watch what you say and do. And the mentors - just saying Harry Potter and the Dementors....

You’re in , there’s no way out!

The feeling of joy when the last run is done is great and a sense of achievement. I spend a fair amount of the runs talking to myself and grumbling, and on a bad day swearing, sure the dog walkers I pass (eventually) must think I am am loony!. Keep going, slow and steady. You can do it.

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